Real life. A 60-year-old woman was asked if she would regret never having children. Her answer is very surprising

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The man wondered why the woman had never had a baby.

 Real life. A 60-year-old woman was asked if she had any regrets that she never had children. Her answer is very surprising

I was standing in line at the hospital. And I got into a conversation with a rather interesting woman. He is now 70 years old. She looked neat, well-groomed. Not like the old lady. The husband did not ask for children under the age of 30. Then when he started talking about children, she divorced him. Alina, because that was the name of the woman, managed to build a career, travel the world, dress in boutiques in France.

Why Alina never regretted having no children

When she was 60, her second husband died, and Alina was left alone. Now she belongs to the singing and dancing circle, she has started practicing Finnish walking. Actively cares about your health. I asked her: & ndash; But you still don't regret not having a baby. Wouldn't you be lonely in your old age now? – You know, my dear, no, I'm not sorry.

Because all my friends are parents of children. And you know what? They are alone now. But unlike them, I can at least pay for someone to bring me food and a glass of water when I get sick. And they? Despite their children and grandchildren, they are left on their own, without support, visits, or help in case of illness, but it's still nothing!

They are still harassed for money, they are obliged to help their children and grandchildren financially! I am free from it and I will tell you something else boy – never press your beloved to give birth to you children, and then tell her: you gave birth, now take care of it.

It is a very unfair approach and pigeonholing the role. a woman who often devotes her career and development to running a house, and her husband will not even see it as a full-fledged and hard work, for which no woman will ever receive even gold!

< p> Husbands often say that they have the last word at home, because they earn their family, but they do not think about what is happening at home when he closes the door behind him when he leaves.

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