Real life. A neighbor left a bucket of garbage in front of our apartment for us to throw away. This made us wonder


One morning, I leave my apartment and bump into something. I turned on the light in the corridor and I see that there is someone else's bucket of rubbish next to our door that stinks.

 Real life. A neighbor left a bucket of garbage in front of our apartment for us to throw away. This made us wonder

I returned to the apartment and I asked my mother what kind of rubbish it was. She went out to look at that bucket. We went back to our apartment, looked at each other and thought about what to do in such a situation. We're sure the neighbor put this bucket under the door.

Going to her to arrange a showdown is not an option. Man lives by skirmishes, just touch it, and you will immediately be drawn into the world of scandals and quarrels. Long ago she divorced her husband, but they never exchanged apartments. Children are grown up, they all have their own families. The neighbor's ex-husband, Andrzej, is the only good person in this family. An ordinary peasant, hard-working, nice and gentle mannered.

He still cannot change the apartment because his neighbor keeps bothering him. Eventually he got tired of it and decided to move south, taking his mother with him. There he met a woman. And the neighbor, when it turned out that her ex-husband managed to improve his life, just went crazy.

She is angry with me and my mother. Andrzej always helped us when we asked. Either he changed the bulb or he repaired the faucet.

And recently Andrzej bought a house in the south, shipped all his belongings through a transport company. And he went with his mother in the car.

My mother said that Andrzej left two days before my arrival. He probably forgot to take out the trash in his rush. Yes, he and his ex-wife had different baskets.

The neighbor defiantly took out that bucket and put it outside our door. The message was clear: “If you're friends, throw out the trash for him!”

My mom is nice and doesn't like to argue with anyone. I went and threw it all out myself, and left the clean bucket for my neighbor at the door.

& ldquo; Anna, it's better not to mess with such a neighbor. She's just waiting for us to come and start claiming this bucket of garbage, my mother said.


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