Real life. After my father-in-law is gone, the mother-in-law wants to live with us. That is out of the question, she is 80 years old just like my mother

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It probably sounds cynical, but neither have I signed up to make such decisions.

 Real life. After her father-in-law leaves, my mother-in-law wants to live with us. It's out of the question, she's already 80 years old, just like mine mama

M & oacute; j my husband has only one parent, they didn't run after him too much, but they behaved like decent parents: they raised him, taught him, so far they didn't enter his life. I didn't get into discussions with my mother-in-law and we didn't argue, there was no reason to.

She bribed me with small gifts, didn't get into conversations, I was just grateful that the woman was preoccupied with herself. In the same way, she came to the rescue when needed, gave gifts for Christmas.

The mother-in-law gave up suddenly when her husband passed away. She is over 80 years old, she is still quite a strong woman, but she has distracted herself mentally, is closed, she cries a lot. She explains that she's afraid to be alone.

It's gloomy, but I don't want to take her to us

But if not for us, then either find a nurse or companion for her, pay for her work, or arrange everything and put the mother-in-law in a good nursing home. Not a state nightmare, just a decent guesthouse. And wedge everywhere, as they say.

Either she'll sit in our house, or we'll be working hard on her staff for the two of us. But I don't want to see her at home for a simple reason: my mother is still alive. And she is the same age as my mother-in-law.

However, my mother did not overeat all her life, she was actively moving and now she feels great, rushing with her friends either to the forest or to the church. But it will not always be like this, and how will I receive my mother-in-law? What am I doing with my mother then? Earning money for two grandmothers for a guesthouse is also such an idea.

It's a pity we still haven't come up with some gentle and convenient way to solve this problem. M & oacute; j husband withdrew, waiting for me to sort things out somehow and only nod his head so as not to disturb him. children, then they give us grandchildren. Now, it seems, is the time to take care of yourself a little – and you already have a parent and other elderly relatives. And it turns out that this is how we've been around all our lives in others?

But I still object to my mother-in-law in our apartment, and she's already making scandals. She has not moved to us yet, and is already complaining about our apartment!

What to do ?!

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