Real life. For just one attention, she lost her family for 13 years


This morning Martha woke up very early.

 Real life. Just because of one attention, she lost her family for 13 years

The woman lay in bed and listened to the silence. It was awfully quiet. The old woman thought that she was alone in the whole world, she felt that no one needed her.

Marta looked at the wall with the old yellow wallpaper. Looking at her, the woman always wanted to renovate the apartment. But not this morning.

Labrador Dili died yesterday. Together they lived thirteen years. The dog was everything to a woman: family, friend and conversation. Marta liked to talk to her. The woman believed that only the dog could understand her.

And so Dili left … Why get up, do something?

Martha, closing her eyes, remembered the day when she received a small puppy as a gift from her son, whom they all decided to call Dili. It was the woman's birthday. A covered table, the sonorous laugh of a three-year-old granddaughter, intimate conversations with her loved ones. It was the last day of the rainbow for all thirteen meetings. Since then Marta has never met her granddaughter, who has grown up and has probably become a real beauty, like a father or with his son.

& ldquo; Adam has completely forgotten about me. The last time I called him on the phone, he replied irritably like this:

– Mom, what did you want? I have absolutely no time. OK Bye. & ndash; and turned off. & rdquo;

Marta waited for her son to call back in the evening, but there was no phone call the next day, neither a week later nor a month later. Then she couldn't bear it and decided to call Adam again, suddenly something happened to her son.

-Hello mom. Do you have an urgent call? Not? Then I'll call you back, no time. Adam didn't speak to his mother this time either.

The woman sat in silence and wondered what she had done, why her son treated her like that. She couldn't understand why he had stopped talking …

Marta's husband died when Adam was 15 years old. She raised her son herself, surrounding him with all her love and affection. The woman made every effort to raise her son a worthy person. When Adam was 16, Marta was having an affair with a man next door. They dated in secret for a year. The man begged to tell his son about everything, and Martha herself wanted to introduce her new partner to her son. When Adam found out about it, he made his mother a choice & ndash; either he or her lover. The son believed that Martha betrayed the memory of her deceased husband. The woman, fearing the loss of her son, broke off her love relationship.

Several years passed, Adam graduated from college and married a charming girl. Marta converted her three-room apartment into a one-room apartment, to which she moved, and a two-room apartment, in which her son and daughter-in-law settled. Soon the woman became a grandmother and had a granddaughter in which Marta had no soul. The daughter-in-law, having barely given birth to a child, went to work, and the woman sat with her granddaughter. And everything was fine. Until that birthday …

Then Marta turned to her son's wife:

– You should pay more attention to your daughter because now she practically can't see you. Bored child …

Then the daughter-in-law started to row, she started getting ready to go home and finally said:

– Marta, you can't sit with Anna anymore, we will manage somehow. – the daughter-in-law called Adam and her daughter and they all left together.

The next morning, as usual, Martha went to her son to look after her granddaughter. Sleepy daughter-in-law opened the door and she was surprised to ask:

What do you not understand from what I said yesterday? I spoke Polish to you so that I would not come again. I'll take care of the baby myself.

After that, Marta never saw her granddaughter, son or daughter-in-law again. At this point, the woman's world collapsed. She was completely shattered. If it weren't for Dili, she would probably have gone mad with thoughts that never left her head.

And one day Adam called:

-Hello mom. Sorry for forgetting your birthday and not giving you any wishes. – the woman tried to ask her son about the daughter-in-law, about the granddaughter, how is she, but her son interrupted her, answering as usual shortly. 'It's okay, don't worry. C & oacute; ż, that's it for now. I can't talk anymore.

Now Marta was lying, thinking maybe it's worth calling Adam & hellip; To tell about Dili's death that she was now completely alone. About how he wants to see his granddaughter, daughter-in-law. She wanted to tell him how much I love them and I miss them. Marta tried to reach for the phone, but suddenly something stabbed her in the chest & hellip;

How painful … It's hard to breathe. You have to reach the phone. She reached for the phone with all her might when suddenly her eyes darkened. “Is that all? I haven't seen my son all these years. How worthless I lived …” flashed through her mind and the woman fell into the abyss …


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