Real life. I am almost 80 years old. Even so, after listening to my son's conversation with my grandson, I finally decided to live for myself

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Do you know what happens in older people's lives when they begin to regret their lives?

 Real life. I'm almost 80 years old. Nevertheless, after listening to my son's conversation with my grandson, I finally decided to live for themselves

Suddenly they realize that they could live many times better, but instead used them for useless things.

It wasn't until I matured that I understood everything

They always regret it and ask their descendants not to repeat these mistakes. So I decided to & ldquo; break the pattern & rdquo; and live for yourself at least in old age. I am in my eighties, but my health allows me to have a free life. And I'm not ashamed. And I can not be ashamed that I live and behave like this, because my whole life has always been for other people.

In one period for my husband, in the other for the children. Here's a third for me. You can accuse me of carelessness as much as you like, but I don't care. Now I am trying to sue my children for an apartment and stop communicating with them at least for a while.

They have buried me in their heads a long time ago, and it is felt in their attitude towards me. They started to get rid of me from home as if they were their own. The son put his son with his fiancée with me without even asking me for my opinion. His words: & ldquo; Be a little patient with grandma, how much is left? & Rdquo; I felt like I had been awakened from a dream. I remembered that I still exist, that I am still alive and that I have done all my chores.

To say the children were surprised when I put my grandson out with a bed and changed the locks is nothing to say. They began to demand a share of my home for themselves. M & oacute; j my own son has sued to sell my house and get the money he needs for his son. Thanks to my husband, my children have absolutely nothing to do with my fortune. Of course I will leave everything to them in my will, but not now.

At least in the last stage of my life, I want to feel completely free. I don't want to rely on anyone, I don't want to report or think that I owe anything to anyone. No, my only desire is to breathe freely without any & ldquo; needs & rdquo ;.

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