Real life. I am tired of putting up with the rude behavior of relatives. How can you do that?


I responded to everything I thought …

 Real life. I'm tired of enduring rude behavior of relatives. How can you do that.

My childhood memories make me smile and feel warm nostalgia. I remember well helping my mother to cook and set the festive table.

My mother was very fond of her guests, and many relatives would come to our house for each holiday. Even if my friends stopped by for a while, my mother always tried to feed everyone and serve them tea. The door of our house was always open and there was refreshment for the guests.

I try to keep family traditions alive, especially since I like to play in the kitchen from an early age. Now close friends and relatives gather for Christmas at the table in my house.

I prepare for each holiday, I try to make the table not only tasty, but also varied, I am constantly looking for new recipes, I set the table in an original way.

It is a pity that all my efforts are taken for granted for the guests. Over time, guests almost stopped thanking them for a warm welcome and delicious food. Given that almost everything on the table is eaten or taken home by guests, I would like to hear a simple thank you. Although the fact that loved ones do not know how or do not want to thank is not the saddest.

My husband always felt my husband was too harsh on my family. He does not understand why I gather dozens of people for each holiday, most of which do not even invite us for tea at their home. I have always opposed him, explaining that I did not want to refuse communication with those who are related to me. My opinion has changed after a series of common holidays.

Winter and first spring holidays, relatives met at my house as always. During these meetings, I began to notice that my relatives started making unpleasant remarks and complaining about me. First of all, the salad turned out to be unsalted, secondly, the wine at home was delicious, and I have a & ldquo; brawl from & rdquo ;, thirdly, they don't like m & oacute; j str & oacute; j – I don't look festive enough.

< p>At first I tried to ignore these remarks, but during the celebration of my birthday, the cup of patience overflowed. I put my favorite salad on the festive table, which I always make. One of the guests, seeing this dish with malice, asked: & ldquo; Anna, are there no original ideas? You resign from the position of hostess. The rest of the guests backed his attack with a friendly laugh.

I didn't start crying as offensive as it was, but I suggested: & ldquo; We'll celebrate with one of you next time. Run to the table in my house as soon as you cross the threshold and somehow everyone forgets to say thanks. If you're fed up with my food, you can't come to the restaurant for our anniversary with my husband & rdquo ;.

The table went quiet immediately, everyone looked at the plates in silence and were afraid to raise their eyes. Throughout the evening, there was hardly any conversation at the table, only occasionally relatives exchanged cautious sentences. None of my relatives have ever apologized to me, but most importantly, I realized that those close to you are not those with whom you share common blood, but those with whom you recognize joy and sorrow, they will support and warm you in every situation.


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