Real life. I met my love when I was over 50. I am happy, but there is something that is bothering me

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We have been together for several years.

 Real life. I met my love when I was over 50. I am happy, but there is something that bothers me

We met after he became a widower and I became a widow. And we are at war with our children. Neither him nor my children accepted our relationship. And neither of them came to our wedding.

A life that makes us happy even in small things

My new marriage opened my eyes to life with a man. With a beloved man. I wake up smiling, live peacefully, fall asleep in my arms.

Warmth, tenderness, attention, respect, subtlety and sensitivity. Now I have everything that was so generously taken from me before.

My husband is amazing. And I can shout to the whole world – I love you.

I don't do this just because I'm almost 60 years old, I'm embarrassed. I whisper to him at night.

Our extremely peaceful and happy life is only overshadowed by the fact that the children on both sides categorically refuse to communicate with us. We are deprived of communication with our grandchildren, neither of them come to us, my daughter once said that I was a dissolute woman and that her children had nothing to do in our house.

M & oacute; my son also considers me a traitor. I got married a year after his father's funeral. And he suspects that we've been lovers for a long time.

That's not true. We met at the cemetery. Sounds scary. But it is so. We were connected by the graves of our loved ones, the severity of loss and grief.

I was desperate to explain something to the kids. They don't hear and don't want to know anything. And I'm sorry that now that we feel so good, so comfortable, I was able to communicate with my grandchildren in a completely different way than my irritable, tired, nervous and overworked grandmother.

My husband was sick for almost 10 years. years. His suffering and passing exhausted me. At that time, my grandchildren saw nothing positive from me. And I'm sorry because they still don't know me the way I really am.

The same thing happened with my new husband. C & oacute; s hand abandoned him, thinks her mother still had time to cool down after he was running after the other women. There is no point in proving or explaining anything.

We are really alive now. We rest next to each other, we enjoy the time spent together. The only thing that bothers me is that my husband and I miss all our children, but we don't know how to regain the trust and understanding of our whole family. We don't understand.

What do you think to do?

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