Real life. I was actually planning to live there, but my mother moved in and took them over


– I feel very uncomfortable in front of everyone, especially my husband. Mom was silent all the time, and then she packed up and left the family – says Katarzyna.

 Real life. Actually, I planned to live there, but my mother moved in and took them over

The girl is 25 years old. She got married last month. They met Piotr for a year. Her husband's family is not rich, they all live together on a small square.

& ldquo; I always thought I had a strong and friendly family. The parents never argued with each other. Mom seemed to want to move out instead of me and then announce her decision to her relatives, the girl is outraged.

Katarzyna's mother is 49 years old. She has been married to the girl's father for 20 years. And now she has married her daughter, her son is already growing up – he is about to get married, and her husband is a perfect family man. What didn't suit her?

& ldquo; Dad doesn't smoke or drink. He takes all the money and spends it on home and family. Apparently, during all these years, my mother lived only for us. And now she decided to spit on everything and live for her own pleasure – sighs Katarzyna.

Everyone in the family did their own work. Of course, all the housework was done by Anna, Catherine's mother.

I worked and received the same salary as my husband. But at home, he took his time to help me. The kids got out of hand too. Everyone waited for their mother to cook and clean up. C & oacute; rka has grown, there is no ambition to learn. The mother-in-law was outraged that I would not burden Katarzyna with work. Her son can't even throw the pants into the laundry, the sneakers are always dirty. And one can only hear one thing: what to eat, where are the clean clothes and why are the shoes not washed? Anna is complaining.

A few years ago, Katarzyna's grandmother died and left her daughter, Annie, an apartment. Mom hoped that her daughter would move out and start an independent life, but unfortunately. Katarzyna does not want to cook and clean, it is better to live near her mother.

Katarzyna used her grandmother's apartment. True, for your own purposes – to meet your future husband. And when my mother got tired of looking at it, she took her keys and started repairs there.

& mdash; I thought mom was doing this renovation for us. We were getting ready for the wedding then because I found out that I was pregnant. My mom just told me what to buy for my apartment. I tried to present my ideas somehow, but she was always silent – recalls Katarzyna.

Anna's husband is also shocked by his wife's decision. Until recently, he had thought his wife was preparing a surprise for her daughter, so he did not interfere. And Anna was only glad that no one disturbed her. Just a few days before the wedding, she completed the renovation and announced to her relatives that she was leaving the family.

& mdash; What about us? – groaned Katarzyna, who expected that after the wedding she would live in her grandmother's apartment.

– Go your own way or stay with your father. I'm tired of being a free servant to everyone and working hard for you, Anna replied.

Catherine struggled and thrashed. She felt that her mother had no right to this because it was her duty to take care of her brother and father. C & oacute; rka was annoyed that her mother had secretly twisted everything and ran away. The father, of course, was offended, now the atmosphere in the family is tense. And what was the wedding like?

Households are also outraged by the fact that my mother did repairs for general money. Nobody argued with her because they thought she was preparing an apartment for the newlyweds. Anna does not see her guilt – she will not serve everyone to the grave. And she was not ashamed to take money from the family budget, because she also earned it. This is material compensation for all years of female bondage.

– Katarzyna did not even ask me if I would give her an apartment. I inherited the property, which means that I have the full right to dispose of it. Everyone planned and benefited from my kindness. Tired! They thought I would give my life for my daughter's happiness, but I was not – Anna is indignant.

My husband demanded that she move her share of a shared flat to her daughter, but she did not intend to do so. go on such an adventure. Maybe the relationship has worsened, but now Anna is really happy. She took care of her children and husband all her life, it's time to think about herself.


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