Real life. I will not cook for my husband anymore. Let him learn to answer his words


For two weeks now, I have been cooking food only for myself and for the children. The husband promised to wash the dishes after overnight trips to the refrigerator – and he did not.

 Real life. I will not cook for my husband anymore. Let him learn to respond to his words

So I decided to teach him something. He doesn't understand goodness, so we'll use radical methods.

I am on maternity leave. All household chores and raising children rest with me. In these five years, I was exhausted and dreamed of going to work. The husband himself supports the family, but does not really get tired. If we hadn't rented my apartment for money, it would have been hard for us.

I am fed up with cleaning and cooking all the time. Although the eldest son goes to kindergarten, he often gets sick, so he stays at home. It brings various viruses, so the baby becomes infected. But I guess there is no need to explain what it's like to sit at home with two sick children.

The husband lives his life and does not get tired at all. He sleeps until dinner, then spends the night near the icebox. When I walk into the kitchen in the morning, I grab my head. Crumbs, food scraps, sink full of dishes. We've covered this topic a million times, but apparently someone doesn't understand that I'm not made of iron. At times like this, I want to wake him up and send him to cleanup.

Lately my patience has burst and I made a fuss with him. He explained that he did not want to wake us up and shake the dishes. Yes, microwave clapping is fine, but you can't wash the dishes. In a strange way & oacute; b adheres to & ldquo; calm & rdquo; hours.

Our kitchen is small, there is nowhere to turn. To prepare breakfast, you need to remove all this rubbish. I thought about leaving the dirt in the evening, so he would come back from work and start cleaning, but I wouldn't be comfortable.

We have not generally found a compromise. He promised to wash the dishes after himself. If he doesn't keep his promise, I won't cook. Everything was perfect for the first few days, and then my husband relaxed.

& ldquo; I wanted to sleep so badly that I completely forgot about the & rdquo; & ndash; he explained himself.

I reacted with understanding, because we are all human. Someday you can forgive. But then he forgot all about his promise. These incidents began to bother me, so I brought up this topic once again. I suggested that he go on maternity leave, do homework, and I go to work, go home ready.

When I once again saw a dish of dirty dishes in the kitchen, I decided to cook breakfast for all except husband. The ice cream was empty and I wasn't in a rush with my shopping. If he wants to eat, he'll hurry to the store.

My husband rolled his eyes and went to work hungry. From the second week on, he has been eating food, and his mother-in-law also gives him trays of food. Instead of teaching her son order, she still indulges him. We'll see how long it takes, but I'm not going to give up.


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