Real life. Mother-in-law came to us and used our things. We told her to forget where our apartment is

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I have never understood and never will understand: why is it alright some people come to someone else's house and take what they need without asking?

 Real life. Mother-in-law came to us and used our things. We told her to forget where our apartment is

In our case, this is what the mother-in-law does. But he takes it not for himself, but for his younger sister – they live together, have a big age difference, and you could say that she was brought up by her mother-in-law.
It turns out that my husband's aunt is only 5 years older than him.

My husband's mother made me furious

My husband's mother came to us and used our things without asking for permission. However, that wasn't the biggest problem! She took the meat from the freezer, which was almost cooked dinner, gave me a brand new curl to give to her younger sister, and also my shoes …

When I called her and asked where the hell she had gone my curl, she replied without shame that she gave it to her sister, and I can buy a new one, because she has burnt out.

And here, my husband and I are planning our fifth wedding anniversary in a row. On this occasion, my husband invited me to a restaurant. I have the right dress but I forgot my shoes 4 years ago when I got pregnant. And I decided to buy new shoes for the dress.

On a 9 cm high heel, a black classic with a red sole, they sit like a glove, the heel is not noticeable. I put them on my leg – I don't go, but I flutter! Perfect, bought. Satisfied! There are shoes on the pavement in the corridor waiting for their best hour.

A week before the wedding anniversary, the goblet of bitterness has poured out

They kept me at work longer. I called my husband, I cried over unjust bosses. Unfortunately, the husband himself could not make it over time to pick up our child from kindergarten. I called my mother and asked for a pickup. The mother-in-law went to work with her husband, went to kindergarten and took her granddaughter to us. I just didn't know about it. As my husband muttered then:

– The less you know, the better you sleep.

I returned home from work at ten o'clock in the evening. I take off my sneakers, put them on the shelf next to new beautiful shoes. Boots? Where are the shoes?

– Bogdan! Where are my new shoes? They were standing there, I saw them in person this morning! – breached the whole apartment like a wounded doe.

– What shoes? You have a lot of these shoes. Did you look in the wardrobe? M & oacute; j my husband didn't see the problem at all.

– What wardrobe? They were here in the morning! Right here in this place! I pointed my finger. – Who was picking up our child from kindergarten? Who brought her here at your request? Your mother!

– Mom is here, I would not have time – my husband sighed.

I took out the phone and dialed the number …

She immediately knew what I was talking about it comes. Before I finished the question about the new shoes, she replied, unfazed, that she took them and gave them to her younger sister, because they look extremely comfortable, and she needs it for the opening!

That was too much. Without looking at what my husband would say, I forbade my mother-in-law to come to our house. I ordered her to return all stolen items and buy back 10 kg of beef – before freezing it!

Fortunately, my husband supported me, although it was difficult for him …

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