Real life. My husband's family keeps borrowing from us money that they don't pay back. I'm sick of this


My mother-in-law and her two daughters live in a small town. All three are working, but are still short of a low salary.

 Real life. My husband's family still borrows from us money that they don't pay back. I'm fed up with this

At first, my husband's mother simply complained about her life, but later she directly asked us to lend her a certain amount of money. It started when her bathroom faucet broke. As it is urgently in need of replacement, a minor refurbishment can be performed at the same time. After all, the tiles were old and the plumbing was in terrible condition. We borrowed 20,000 that my mother-in-law promised to pay back on her first salary, although she doesn't earn much.

The sisters also decided to take advantage of our generosity. They had new requests every week. Bringing children to school requires money, and for the older one a new jacket or shoes for the younger one. We had to wait a long time for our loans to be repaid, but no one paid the full amount anyway.

I understand everything, but my husband and I don't get money from heaven either. We work from morning to night so as not to deny ourselves anything. There are indeed more options in the city, but I have repeatedly suggested that the Zovites move here. We'll get them an apartment at first, we can help with their work, and then things go wrong.

Moreover, both sisters are married. So why did they start a family when they have nothing to live on? But now my husband and I owe everything to everyone because we live in the city and spend a lot of money on restaurants.

Is it that fair? After all, we earn the money ourselves. Okay, you have to help your mother, but the sisters can take care of themselves. That's why I put my husband in front of the fact: no loans until old debts are paid off.

In addition, our son's laptop broke. You have to buy a new one, but how to do it without money. We distributed all the savings. Now you need to take out a loan and pay interest. It turns out that we are acting to our detriment.

My husband, however, did not talk to his relatives because the phone rang yesterday and I was asked for a loan again. I explain to her that our wallets are empty and she instead says:

– So borrow from someone because we really need it.

“Okay!” I said angrily. & ndash; But you will write me a receipt and notarize it & ndash; I said defiantly.

Instead, the sister hung up the phone. A few minutes later, the husband received a call from his mother, who began to protect her daughter, saying that she wanted to buy a new gown for her friend's wedding, and now she has to go to the old one. And the ungrateful daughter-in-law was guilty of everything.

In response to all the reproaches, I asked my husband how long ago my wardrobe was updated and when was the last time a manicure appeared on my hands. He just lowered his guilty eyes and fell silent.

Explain, who's right about this situation? How long can relatives extort money from us? Why must we deny ourselves everything? After all, you must always have a financial cushion. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. And lend us money from everyone!

It would be nice if the relatives came forward for good reasons, but here my husband's sister wanted a dress & hellip; It crosses all boundaries!

What do you think about it? Whose side are you on? Do you lend money to your loved ones?


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