Real life. My mother-in-law kept coming over and stuffing my fridge with fish. I said we didn't eat it, but she wasn't listening


– Ewa, are you home? I brought you the fish cakes. This time they came out tastier than usual, juicy and appetizing.

 Real life. Mother-in-law kept coming and filling me with ice-cream fish./p> </p>
<p> – Mom, I told you we don't eat fish cakes. Why did you bring them? </p>
<p> – If cooked too much, they will be wasted. So I decided to bring you. </p>
<p> And we often do that. </p>
<p>Or she will bring fried fish, then fresh fish, then cutlets. </p>
<p> And we keep telling her that we don't like fish like that, and she brings them anyway. </p>
<p> But the fact is, that my husband's father is an avid fisherman and goes fishing every weekend. Mostly he catches crucians, and the mother-in-law doesn't know what to do with them anymore. </p>
<p> The husband says that he can't look at those crucians anymore, all the time he lived with his parents, he washed and ate them. </p>
<p> So my mother-in-law decided to bring us all the fish she left behind. </p>
<p>He will come to us, enter the refrigerator and say: </p>
<p> – This is your cheese. I will cut a piece off myself, take it home. And you'll also buy sausages later. I shared the fish with you. </p>
<p> And recently your mother-in-law started coming to us with a friend on the pretext that they were nearby, she was cold and decided to go for tea to warm up. </p>
<p>He puts the kettle on, opens the fridge, takes everything he wants, and also discusses with his friend what I have in my icebox and what young people are gone, they don't want to do anything. </p>
<p> My patience was enough for month, and then I started to think about how to get rid of such a habit of my mother-in-law and came up with it. </p>
<p> On Sunday, closer to lunch, I came with a friend to my mother-in-law. </p>
<p> My husband's mother opened the door. and I told her that my friend and I were nearby and we decided to visit her. And with us came delicious sushi, which my mother-in-law cannot stand. </p>
<p>We went straight to the kitchen, where I opened the icebox, took out a pot of borscht, and put it on the stove. The mother-in-law watched it all in amazement. I also found a herring under the fur in the icebox, I took it out and put it on the table, put some in a container, telling me to take it home with me, we love this salad and you will cook it for yourself. Is that right? </p>
<p> The mother-in-law was surprised, but she silently watched what was happening and agreed with everything. It was obvious that she didn't like it, but she didn't want to say anything in front of my friend. </p>
<p> We ate, thanked me and said that now we will try to come more often. And we left. </p>
<p> About two months have passed since then. Mother-in-law calls as if nothing has happened, but she doesn't come with her friend anymore. </p>
<p> And before she brings us anything, she asks us if we need it. </p>
<p> she understood everything at once and had the right reaction. After all, these are our parents and we don't want to spoil our relationship with them. </p></p>

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