Real life. My wife refused to give me another child. I left her when I met the younger one. Now I have what I wanted

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With my first wife, Irena, we knew each other from school.

 Real life. My wife refused another child for me. I left her when I met the younger one. Now I have what I wanted

When we were young, life was moving fast. I hardly noticed how our son grew up. When children arrive at a young age, you take it for granted, not as a gift from above. Yes, and I did not enjoy the happiness of family life, everything just went down the knurled path. Although I'm not saying that Irena has always been not only a good wife, but also a trustworthy and reliable person.

– To run my business, I urgently need money. But I don't know where else to get the money. Already borrowed from friends.

– Why did you have to borrow? Let's sell my mom's apartment. After all, he still stands idle. We will never live there.
Thanks, Irene. That's very handy now.

And so in everything, Irena, like a lifeguard, could find a way out of any difficult situation. But when we were already firmly on our feet, there was no need to figure out how to make an extra penny, I really asked my wife to have another child for me. But Irena categorically refused.

– Waldek, I'm not a young girl anymore. And at that age, that's a risk.
– Come on, you're still young.

– No, I can't imagine that I would ever get lost in the fuss of diapers and T-shirts . Our children are grown up. Time to think about the grandchildren, not the children.

At one point, I had already come to terms with the fact that I have only one heir. But at the age of 50, it began to seem to me that I am no longer alive at all, but just living my life. Life was fun. And then I accidentally met a girl. I was driving home from work and she stopped her car. The girl was crying. As it turned out, she had an argument with her boyfriend.
– Where can I take you, beautiful?

– Yes, everywhere, but far away. M & oacute; j boy turned out to be such a disgusting person. I want to forget about him.
– And what happened? Can I help you with anything?

– I found out that he was cheating on me. Besides, we lived in a rented apartment and he kicked me out. And I'm going, I have no one in this town. Even now, I don't know where to go.

I felt very sorry for the girl. I took her to the apartment we had bought for my son, but he hadn't lived there yet. There she calmed down a little. I was so interested in talking to her that we stayed together until morning. I just fell in love with her like a boy. I didn't hide this relationship from my wife.

– Irena, I treat you very well. But now I understand that over the years you've only become a friend to me. But I love another woman.
– Who is she?

– It doesn't matter. The girl's name is Lidka. For now, we will live in the apartment we bought for Piotrek. I'll buy him another. I'm leaving you this house and car.

– So can you just leave me and walk away? For a fleeting romance?
– No, it's not a passing matter. I love Lidka and she will give birth to my baby.
– Is she too late at your age?
– I won't bury myself at 51.
– C & oacute; ż, I can't stop.

Irina is a smart woman, she hasn't made a scandal. Lidka is 16 years younger than me. Beside her, it seemed to me that I was rejuvenated. But most importantly, she gave birth to my daughter and twins a year later. At 54, I became the father of many children. How lucky! I have the meaning of life.

Now I am thinking of expanding my business. After all, I now have many heirs. Next to Lidka, I began to feel that I had more energy. Every project I undertake ends with a success. I also do not forget about my eldest son, who helps me in my business. We don't talk to my first wife. Apparently she still feels hurt. Although she herself is guilty in many ways. Eventually she refused to give birth again, but I mean the babies.

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