Real life. She changed her grandchildren for a new husband. Why did she get married in her old age

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I don't understand people who are getting married in their sixties. Is love even possible at this age?

 Real life. She changed her grandchildren for a new husband. Why she got married in her old age

My mom lived with my dad for thirty-two years. But my father died at the age of 64. At the age of 60, my mother became a widow. We supported her as much as we could and took her with us. My husband and I live in a big house, we are raising two children: a girl and a boy. My mother started to help me: she cooked, cleaned and washed. She picked up the children from school and took them to the club. My daughter is in drawing and singing, and my son is in martial arts. Honestly, my mother made my life so much easier. My husband and I were able to work without worrying about the children.

Was my mom lost in her old age?

I thought she was happy with us. The husband treats his mother-in-law well, there is no hostility or quarrel between them. Everything is quiet and peaceful. But one day my mom said there was going to be an evening at the local club for lonely hearts and she wanted to go. I did not understand immediately, because she recently buried her husband and is already in a hurry to go on a date? I couldn't believe it, but I didn't say anything.

In the evening, my mother returned in a good mood. She said she enjoys being in contact with other people very much. I have the impression that we are not talking to her. But this was not the last visit to the singles club of the night. She started visiting him every Tuesday. So there was no one who would take his son to martial arts. I had to take time off from work hours earlier to pick him up.

I didn't like going out to the club. But my mom still went there. There she met a man. According to her, he is her soul mate. What that means, I just don't understand. Mom began to communicate with him often, they walked around the city, to the park and even to the cinema. C & oacute; ż who saw it! After 60 and they go on dates. C & oacute; ż, I thought they would talk and stop.

But one day my mother decided to talk to me and asked me how I would react if she got married. I was in a hurry. What does it mean to get married? Is she a widow? She has us and grandchildren, why would she get married? For some reason, my mom was mad at me. She left without a word and did not come back for the night. She didn't even call, and neither did I.

We didn't talk in a month. I was angry, I didn't want to take the first step. She left me alone with two children, she knows I have such a job that I don't have time for housework. As for my son and daughter's activities, I am generally silent.

A week ago she called and said she was married. What did she expect from me? Congratulations? She betrayed the memory of her father, in her old age she decided to be young? She traded her grandchildren and me for some guy. How can I communicate with her after that?

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