Real life. She got carried away with plastic surgeries that crippled her. Because of all this, her husband left her


It's not hard to be popular these days. You have to invest a certain amount of money into physical transformation and then advertise yourself.

 Real life. She got carried away by plastic surgeries, which mutilated her. All this left her by her husband

Some & oacute; rzy they do this without a personal manager.

Take, for example, the outrageous & ldquo; Rostowska diva & rdquo; Elina Romasenko. This lady was ready to flood any television program. Let the guests in the studio laugh at her manners and rustic dialect. Every ad is good.

The woman told about rich fans, an elite apartment, expensive cars and diamonds. But he and his son actually live in a barrack in Rostov, which has not been renovated for a long time.

 Real life. She got involved in plastic surgeries that mutilated her. Because of all this, her husband left her

Why all this ostentatious wealth? Where does all the dust in the eyes come from? The answer is simple. Wealthy fans don't fall for ordinary slum people. The mighty of this world need secular lionesses & mdash; tuned beauties with model looks.

In order to attract the attention of rich men, Elina Romasenko became addicted to plastic surgery. 10 years ago a woman had some pretty nice features, and now many call her a freak.

 Real life plastic surgeries. ; re crippled her and her husband left her because of it

This happens when you do not know the measure and you entrust your appearance to unqualified surgeons. To achieve appetizing forms, Elina implanted implants in various parts of the body. However, the quality of the material left much to be desired. Silikon has become & ldquo; a wandering & rdquo; disfiguring the silhouette of our heroine's body. After these manipulations, her husband left her …

Rhinoplasty was also unsuccessful, and the lips grew almost to the middle of the face. This is no joke, but our heroine does injections of hyaluronic acid at home. Romasenko has long been suing the clinic that provided her with poor-quality service. Diva Rostov plans to spend the proceeds not on repairs in the apartment, but on new operations.

 Real life. re mutilated her. Because of all this her husband left her

It is sad that due to his stupidity the 30-year-old looks 45.


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