Real life. She sold the apartment and moved to live with her daughter at the end of her life. Now he really regrets it


Anna lived on her piece of flat and her daughter and granddaughter lived in a small one-room flat, which the girl got after divorcing her husband.

 Real life. She sold her apartment and lived with her daughter at the end of her life. Now she really regrets it

There was not much space in one room for a woman with a child and the money was small. Anna and her daughter considered the simple conversion of living space to be unjustified, so they decided to sell their flats and, for the money they obtained, buy a spacious three-room flat with furniture.

The women realized their plan – they found a flat in a remote area but with three rooms, renovations and even money left over.

After moving, women began to improve their lives. Although each of the trio had their own room, the personal space did not save them from problems. Conflicts between older women started – she didn't like the way her mother ran the kitchen, what she bought, how she cleans.

Anna was already retired and took care of all the household chores while her mother the hand was at work. But even such a separation did not protect against scandals.

C & oacute; rka was going through a difficult divorce, her husband left for another, she was nervous, she even got addicted to the bottle. Anna only found out about her addiction after they started living together.

My daughter went to the wine store every evening after work, motivating the purchase by the fact that she calms down and relaxes after a hard time. day. Anna did not like her habit of drinking in the evening, she started to raise her daughter, but she did not tolerate it – she is now an adult, she can decide what to spend and how to spend her time.

During one of the quarrels, Annie was advised to sit in her room in the evenings and not be ashamed of how she spent her time. This attitude offended Anna – do all the housework, and then hide in the room so as not to annoy anyone. The woman did not count on such an attitude when deciding to move in with her daughter and granddaughter.

Looking at her mother, the granddaughter also changed her behavior and began to be rude to her grandmother. Anna quickly realized that it was not worth selling her apartment, because life only got more difficult, and even her relations with her loved ones worsened completely. The woman also misses her apartment, but she lived there most of her life, got used to everything, she knew everyone the neighbor.

In the new house, a woman does not feel like a host, but rather a guest, and not very welcome anyway. Now she advises her age-old friends not to live with their children, no matter how difficult it is for the elders to live apart, but by living together, maintaining a normal relationship with their children is even more difficult.


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