Real life. The elderly man was shopping. Suddenly, he told someone his wife's story. Touching moments

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This meeting made the man think …

 Real life. Older man was shopping. Suddenly he told someone his wife's story. Moving moments

The man about On behalf of Gregory, he stopped at the grocery store to take home a few things with him, where he planned to watch an exciting match with a grocery store.

Never forget those purchases!

< p>He stood in line at the deli, getting ready for one last thing before heading home. He then noticed an elderly man who was in an electric wheelchair. The man had a huge bouquet of beautiful roses and a birthday cake in his basket. Gregory automatically assumed he was going to bring these things to his birthday party. He smiled at the older man and said, “Looks like you have a big night planned”.

At this point, the whole tone of the conversation changed. Tears began to flood the older man's eyes and his voice faded. He was indeed going to a party, but it was a party for his wife, who passed away many years ago.

Gregory wanted to come home quickly, but he also wanted to support this wounded man, he wanted to listen and help because he saw how the disabled man needed it.

He heard the story of great love back in high school. They served on opposing sports teams. She was a cheerleader on another team and he was a basketball player. They met during the match in the final and played against each other. Jim, an older man, marveled at her beauty and asked her if she would be cheering for his team the next evening. Though she did not verbally confirm that she would comply with the request, she did.

During this time, they began dating and they stayed together for 53 years. Jim buys his wife flowers and a birthday cake every year and cuts it into pieces at a celebration he organizes himself.

Gregory had to fight hard not to burst into tears at this sad story. After a while, however, his mood improved. He and Jim had been talking for probably an hour. Nastr & oacute; j changed from a gloomy atmosphere to a joyful one.

As Gregory got ready to go out to catch the last few minutes of the game, Jim invited him over to his house to join the celebration of the birthday. He said yes and ended up missing the game. The stranger old gentleman turned out to be more valuable than an important and long-awaited match.

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