Real life. The older brother and his wife got up from the table and left the wedding party. What made him different with his younger brother


– The mother-in-law gave us an apartment as a wedding gift, you can imagine! 28-year-old Marta is speaking.

 Real life. The older brother and his wife got up from the table and left the wedding. p> </p>
<p>– C & oacute; ż, I mean not for us, of course, for my son, but still! It was a surprise we didn't expect at all. Of course, they knew that she had an extra apartment, she inherited it. But we didn't even think about moving. The tenants lived there for many years, she paid for Piotr's education from the rent, she sustained herself on her own – you cannot retire. Well, now she has evicted the tenant, returned the keys with a donation & ndash; move in, talk and live, I want my grandchildren to have their own home from the very beginning! </p>
<p>The wedding of Marta and Piotr was very modest – the bride was released for one day from the hospital where she is hospitalized. Marta's term of office is still short, but her tummy is already decent: she is expecting a twin. Young people signed themselves in the registry office, came to the restaurant – to sit down and purely symbolically celebrate this event with their loved ones. There were few guests: the mother-in-law, Marta's parents, her younger sister and older brother Piotr with his wife. </p>
<p> From the very beginning of her pregnancy, my mother-in-law is very worried about Marta, maybe even more than her mother and father. </p>
<p>& ndash; Are you blown away? Are you cold? Maybe a shawl? Not tired? Maybe I can bring you something? “I'm just ashamed that she's so busy with me!” Marta laughs. – m & oacute; wi – yes, I'm not sick, I'm just pregnant, everything is fine, I'm fine. And she – you give birth to my grandchildren, I did not wait anymore to finally become a grandmother! </p>
<p> The oldest son of my mother-in-law, Łukasz, is over forty years old, but he and his wife have no children. </p>
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<p>– Everyone got back on their feet, they wanted to live for themselves! Mother-in-law sighs. – I told them – to give birth, you are young, you are healthy! I will help, I will sit as long as it takes. No, they wouldn't listen! Maria, daughter-in-law, usually dismissed it right away – they say, Krystyna, don't interfere, it's none of your business! Stop asking tactless questions! When we want it, we'll be born! </p>
<p> Krystyna sighs heavily. </p>
<p>– But it did not work out when it was necessary … After the wedding, they took the apartment on a mortgage, saved on everything, paid off at an accelerated pace, the son said that there is no question of maternity leave, when we pay off our debts, then we will think about the children. Okay, they paid, but here again it's not up to the kids – they were doing repairs, buying furniture, traveling around the world, earning a financial cushion. And when they started working and started planning, nothing was working! I do not know by whom exactly, who is to blame, I know what IVF was done & hellip; </p>
<p>Doctors immediately told Maria and Łukasz – do not waste time, in your case only IVF. The couple made six attempts – to no avail. The last time they tried was last year, and to no avail, after which Maria closed the problem forever. She is forty-two years old, her husband is even a little older. Maria decided that it was not worth giving birth at this age, even if it was possible. To take a child to the first grade after fifty, and to have a graduate candidate at hand after sixty, who, according to our time, still needs to be educated and put on his feet for ten years? C & oacute; ż I don't! </p>
<p>– It was necessary not to solve the problem with the apartment right after the wedding, but with the children! – Krystyna shared her thoughts with Marta. “They would have started testing when they weren't thirty-five, but ten or twelve years earlier — the child would have finished school now.” And with the apartment somehow it would be decided! After all, no one lives with us on the street, except for the most recent outcasts & hellip; </p>
<p>It should be noted that Krystyna and Marta had these conversations before she found out that the & ldquo; younger & rdquo; are expecting children. Marta and Piotr had been living in a rented apartment for two years, talking about the wedding and it was clear that everything was for real with them. The mother-in-law urged us not to follow the example of Łukasz and his wife, not to postpone childbearing until the last minute. </p>
<p> And then Marta was taken to the hospital, where she stayed with short breaks until the wedding. And after the wedding, that's how it goes – two weeks in the pathology department of pregnant women, two weeks at home. Doctors are optimistic, but the pregnancy is difficult, multiple, so you have to be careful, stay under supervision, talk. </p>
<p>Martha follows all recommendations, feels well and confidently moves, as doctors say, to DA – the expected date of delivery. Everyone is happy and there is only one thing that overshadows the situation – the trick of the older brother and his wife at the younger brother's wedding. </p>
<p>– The mother-in-law gave such a good speech! M & oacute; i Marta. – That we are great, brave, that we decided to have kids, they say that they are not too smart, who wanted to put straws everywhere … And she gave her a gift – an envelope with a donation and keys. Come in, m & oacute; wi, it's yours, r & oacute; b there what you want, and bring my grandchildren from maternity hospital to your home … And then older brother Łukasz gets up. And to us, mama m & oacute; wi, do you remember what you gave to the wedding? A set of glasses and a set of bedding! My whole life is all about Piotr – now both paid education and housing. C & oacute; ż, I understood everything – that is, Maria and I have no family. They got up and left the cafe … </p>
<p> The mother-in-law was nervous, and so were Marta and Piotr. </p>
<p> – It looks like Piotr and I have nothing to do with it! Marta sighs. – We didn't ask Krystyna for anything, we didn't even know that she would do something like that … And what a brother! A 43-year-old man and he just started crying! Kindergarten & hellip; He remembered what they gave him for their wedding almost twenty years ago! Ugh & hellip; </p>
<p> Maybe Marta is right & ndash; Her husband's older brother really wasn't acting like a man? </p></p>

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