Real life. The woman gave birth at the age of 42. She heard outrageous, terrible words from her family

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At the maternity hospital, Natalia and I were in the same room.

 Real life. The woman gave birth at the age of 42. She heard outrageous terrible words from her family

We were brought there after a planned caesarean section. First me, and an hour later she. Rather, we were first in the intensive care unit together and then in the unit. There was no time to talk in the intensive care unit, but it was different in the ward.

In the maternity hospital

It turned out that Natalia is 42 years old and has just given birth to a second child in her second marriage. I didn't ask her anything because I gave birth to my first child at the age of 37. But she immediately began to tell … She said her daughter from her first marriage was now an adult. And he has a new life. She and her husband are happy newlyweds, they really wanted a joint child.

It turned out that literally all relatives tried to dissuade her from giving birth.
When her younger sister found out about her pregnancy, her eyes widened: “What else do you need?” he was ashamed of her.
The mother-in-law said that the eldest daughter would guess that they were close to her husband and would be ashamed of her, and her friends would laugh at her. menopause.

Dad said he risked leaving a single child early and not having time to look after the grandchildren.
Mother's most important argument: “You already have a hand, why else?” & rdquo ;. And then she stopped talking to her.
My aunt, in response to the good news, generally offered condolences.

The reaction from strangers was more often positive. Surprised – yes, but there was no negative Doctors threatened her with a child's developmental disability, but generally did not support her.

Incidentally, m & oacute ; well, this woman looked beautiful, completely out of her age …

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