Real life. They fed her grandson with sprouted oats, she could not stand it, she moved to them and cooked borscht for her grandson


My son Tomasz is a very good man. I tried to raise him to be a good man and I think I have succeeded.

 Taken from real life. They fed her grandson with covered oats, she could not stand it, she moved to them and cooked borscht for her grandson

He just wasn't lucky with the girls. I couldn't find the same, I was exhausted. And then, like snow on our heads, Agnieszka burst into us. Tomasz met her at a sports center where she worked as a trainer. I don't know what that white hand caught and charmed him: all skinny, nothing to hold on to, gets up at 5 am, goes to bed at 9 pm. Workouts from morning to late evening.

Of course, I didn't want such a daughter-in-law for my son, there would be something simpler – not our ordinary people, I found a & ldquo; treasure & rdquo ;.

Six years ago my & ldquo; new c & oacute; rka & rdquo; she became pregnant with Tomasz. As an older woman, I was naturally madly happy about it! Now there will be someone to live for, I thought.

As soon as I found out about it, I immediately started getting ready: I ​​looked through all my cookbooks, went to the forums to find out what is best to eat for a pregnant girl . I carefully wrote down all the recipes and recommendations in my notebook, which I then handed over to Agnieszka.

Agnes, stunned, opened her notebook, filled with concern and quickly combing her eyes through it, just snorted: Wow, Barbara, you did a trick! I haven't eaten meat in 7 years, do you really think now I'm going to start eating pork and drinking it all with fatty cow milk !? C & oacute; ż I do not! I am a dietitian by education, believe me, I can provide myself and my child with all the necessary vitamins for healthy growth. We will eat beans, chickpeas, peas, beans. There is protein, there are carbohydrates in buckwheat, but my vitamins are in the jar – my daughter-in-law waved her hand towards the jar of sports nutrition.

Agnieszka did not even scroll to the page with useful exercises and games for a child.

After this scene, I didn't even try to influence Agnieszka. Of course, I was worried, not more about my daughter-in-law and her waist, but about my future grandson! Unfortunately, my persuasion and examples from my friends' lives did not work for a young couple.

Years passed and now my son was not happy with my treat when he came to visit me. I remember that my son called me, he said: tomorrow we will come to you with the whole family – my granddaughter was already 4 years old then. I was delighted, I started bustling around in the kitchen preparing my son's favorite dishes: borscht, stewed potatoes and chicken and prune salad.

What was my surprise when Tomasz did not even touch my food, but instead, together with Agnieszka and grandson Marek, they threw themselves at a vegetable salad, which I prepared only for my daughter-in-law, so that she also had something to eat.

< p> & ldquo; I have recruited the whole family into my networks! & rdquo ;, I thought then. Okay, he's in trouble with his head, but what is Tomasz thinking ?! He was always a normal man, he loved meat but he was fatter, why switched to vegetables and beans !?

Most of all, my heart ached for Mark. He is a child, he must eat well, so that he does not lag behind the villagers. I saw his eyes light up as he looked at my potatoes, but the strict mother made up her mind for him and put the vegetables on the plate.

Now my grandson is 6 years old. This year he is going to first grade, and the kids told me to pick him up from school, do his homework, and take him to class. It didn't bother me because I saw a plan in my head: I can pick it up after school and feed it with human food!

I did so in secret from my daughter-in-law and son. We had an express agreement with my grandson – I cook tasty treats for him, but he doesn't cheat on me.

As it was very inconvenient to travel from the suburbs to the city center, my son suggested that I move to them for a while, they just have a spare guest room. Agnieszka was not happy with this news, but she understood that if I didn't move, the whole burden of raising and caring for Mark would fall on her shoulders, so she had to give up.

So I've been living with them for three months and guess what, friends ?! I really taught my granddaughter warm and rich soups by wrapping mashed potatoes with juicy meatballs and teasing them with hot pies. Over time, my son returned to a normal diet, after all, my mother's food, whatever I might say, is tastier than the bean sprouts that his daughter-in-law fed him for 6 years.

And how many scream & oacute; it was from Agnieszka! When she found out I was feeding Mark with homemade food, she almost kicked me out of the house! It's good that at least Tomasz got up and assured her that it might be even more beneficial for the developing organism, otherwise her son was already 5 kilograms below normal.

So we live: I cook for mine every day. granddaughter and son, my daughter-in-law talks to me through her teeth, but nothing, I don't care, the most important thing is that my granddaughter grows healthy and my son doesn't look like a coat hanger!


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