Real life. They were a happy family. But as soon as the woman became a widow, her husband's dark secrets were revealed

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We recently celebrated their silver wedding in an expensive restaurant. Radiant of happiness …

 Taken from life. They were a happy family. But as soon as a woman became a widow, her husband's dark secrets were revealed

Perfect family, prosperity, two beautiful children. Family is just an example. It was then, in this restaurant, that I heard a rumor that Sonia's husband had had relationships on the side all his life. It was a long relationship, almost a second family, and short episodes.

I looked at the happy faces of the spouses and did not believe: & ldquo; Jealousy gossip & rdquo ;. My memory immediately erased this unpleasant rumor from my head, and I didn't think about it anymore. And then Sonia's husband, Igor, died.

My husband's dark secrets only came to light after his death.

We all supported Sonia. We helped her prepare, we helped organize funeral ceremonies. There were many people saying goodbye, including some that Sonia didn't know.

There were friends, colleagues, also former ones. There were fewer people at the ceremony, they were closer, in the same company that had recently danced at their silver wedding. I was proud of how polite Sonia was, how she supports her children.
& ndash; I will pay later & ndash; she said.

And then suddenly I see Sonia sobbing. & ldquo; She couldn't bear it & rdquo; & ndash; I thought. I approached her carefully, choosing the right words, but didn't have time to say anything:
& ndash; I hate him & ndash; Sonia was sobbing.

And somehow suddenly I understood everything. I remembered that I saw a woman at the wake who told me about Igor's adventures.
– Are you talking about Igor? I just asked for confirmation of my assumptions.

Sonia nodded desperately and began vaguely telling the rumors I already knew. She heard it today, now. Why would anyone want to talk about it out loud? Sonia did not control herself anymore, but sobbed until the end of the celebrations. She did nothing else and let the event unfold. Everyone reacted with understanding.

Sonia admitted later that the loss of 26 years of marriage seemed to her a stronger blow than the loss of her husband.
– He hid his women all his life, he cared for our relationship, and when he left, he took our entire life together with him, leaving only the cheat. It would be better if I knew everything in advance, I would have the opportunity to explain something, to correct it. And I'd have a chance to believe anything. Not now. I hate him, she cried. I loved her very much, but nothing could be done.

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