Real life. We pay mom to help with the grandson. Mother-in-law is outraged at how this is possible, but it suits us

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My husband and I have been paying our mother for six months to help with the baby.

 Real life. We pay mom to help her grandson. Mother-in-law is outraged, but it suits us

< p>Everything suits us, but the mother-in-law does not find a place for herself & ndash; how can you take money from children to help with your own grandson! But I believe that every job should be paid, especially when you consider what mom does for us.

Thanks to mom, we got back financially quickly

A year ago we had a bad situation. My husband was dismissed from the job we provided, so the family council made the difficult decision to leave earning on my mind. M & oacute; j's son was then one year old. Of course, this solution did not suit me and my husband, but having a mortgage and a small child, we have to make some sacrifices.

Although it was not a panacea to go back to work, we could barely make ends meet, in that. Since the husband was sitting with the child, it is impossible to go to job interviews and fully look for a job. It was getting more and more difficult financially from month to month.

Then we ran to my parents for help. They asked me to sit with the baby for a few months, so that my husband would get a job, and then we would hire a nanny. We just don't have the money to do it.

Everyone felt sorry for us, but they couldn't help us in any way, because all the parents were still working. We were spinning like squirrels in a circle, but financially it wasn't easier, but two months later my mother came to help.

She said she had set a minimum length of service and could retire. All she asked was to pay for her council flat, as she would not be able to support it alone in her retirement, and she was not entitled to any benefits. We gladly accepted the offer.

My mother started coming to us every day, I went to work and my husband went to interviews. A week later he got a job. Of course, it can't even be compared to his previous job in terms of salary, but it's better than nothing. In addition, he continued to monitor vacancies and looked for more viable options.

Our mother ran the house in a good sense. In addition to sitting with her grandson, she was able to clean, iron and wash as well as cook food in one day. I mean, when I got home, I didn't have to rush to the stove or rush to iron my clothes. It made my day a very busy day.

The proposal to pay for the house maintenance was accepted, but my mother-in-law criticizes it

I felt uncomfortable that my mother was plowed like this, but she said that it wasn't hard for her, but at least the day passed faster. But I still didn't feel like myself.

As a result of many discussions about this, my mother agreed to take the money. Everything suits everyone – my house is clean, tidy, delicious food and a well-groomed child, my mother has no financial problems. Everything's all right. Only the mother-in-law is dissatisfied. My mother herself told her that we were now paying her for help, which made my husband's mother terribly outraged. It does not fit in with her worldview.

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