Real life. We stayed in my mother-in-law's apartment until we had a renovation. Now he wants to rent it


She showed nobility and allowed us to live in the apartment of her murdered grandmother after the wedding.

 Real life. We lived in my mother-in-law's apartment until we renovated it. Now she wants to rent it

In the beginning, we lived in a hovel. And then we borrowed money and made a good renovation. Now we are asked to leave the premises – mother-in-law will rent an apartment.

My mother-in-law and I had a good relationship. She did not enter our life, she did not give advice, for which I respected her. We were very grateful to her for the apartment provided, because since I was on maternity leave, we had no money for a rented apartment.

We did not consider living together because you yourself understand that different generations do not get along under the same roof. We did not even think about a mortgage & ndash; the reason for this was the financial crisis that affected us from home to the main.

The mother-in-law remembered in time that her mother's apartment was empty and gave us the keys. She wanted to sell them and help us with the down payment, but nobody wanted to buy the property in that state. A relative planned to make repairs there, then calculated all the losses and changed her mind.

When I saw this apartment, I grabbed my head. There was some anti-social personality there. Black ceilings, scraps of wallpaper on the walls, broken plumbing and electrics not working. We had no savings of our own, but we did not want to live in such an environment. We waited a few months and decided to borrow money from friends for renovation. For six months we were renovating everything, arranging everything and finally we were able to breathe.

A week later …

My husband and I finished some small things and prepared to receive guests, we wanted to organize a window sill & oacute ; wka. We had dinner with the family, everyone appreciated our efforts and went home. Only the mother-in-law gritted her teeth for some reason.

She arrived six months later and announced that she wanted to rent the apartment to tenants. But we have a way out – we can pay her rent so that she doesn't look for strangers. You see, she doesn't have enough pension, so she came up with this.

My husband reacted right away. The mother-in-law did not pay attention to him at all – she gave us a week to think. I was stunned, just sat down and burst into tears.

A husband, as a rule, did not want to pay his mother money for an apartment. We moved to my parents' farmhouse and started looking for an inexpensive apartment. The husband was so angry that he tore off all the new wallpapers, pulled out new pipes and destroyed the partitions. The mother-in-law tried to swear on the phone, but the husband just hung up.

P & oacute; ki, we live in the country, and then we'll find out. The mother-in-law does not appear on the horizon, she told all loved ones how ungrateful we are. Yes, finally there is another & ndash; threw a young family with a child into the street.


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