Real life. When I came for the manicure, I heard the comments in my ear account. “Why does this old lady need nice hands”

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I signed up for a manicure, went to the salon, and sat down to wait my turn.

 Real life. When I came for a manicure, I heard comments in my ear.

Two girls were sitting next to each other, nervously talking about something. I soon realized they were talking about me. Fragments of phrases suggested that they were confused: why this grandma, i.e. me, do a manicure.

Am I too old for this type of expenditure?

You see, I only take the queue … I have a manicure every month, but honestly speaking, this is the first time I heard it. Do they really think that when a woman retires she ceases to be a woman?

Now I'm 66 and I don't think I should act like an old lady, limit myself in everything, save on food and wear old clothes . As retirement age approached, I already understood that I would not behave like classic grandmothers. What for? After all, it's stupid and pointless.

For example, when my husband and I stopped working, our lives changed & ndash; but only for the better. We have a lot of free time, which we started to devote only to ourselves.

We started to relax more and even played sports. Expenditure on utilities or food has not decreased at all. Anyway, we have been quite successful in saving for gifts for children and grandchildren.

As for various beauty treatments, I am not going to refuse them either, and my husband is fully committed to I agree. We signed up for a massage and we will soon start performing all treatments. As for these girls, I told them, “I'd rather spend less on groceries, but never say no to manicures”.

Many feel the same way about pregnant women and mothers. When she takes care of children and the whole house, all feminine accessories should be replaced by diapers, irons, cloths and a cookbook!

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