Real life. When the mother-in-law found out that we closed the mortgage, she persuaded us to help her sister-in-law


As a result, the sister-in-law has an apartment and we are on the street …

 Real life. p> </p>
<p>Piotr and I started dating when I was 22. A few months later we got married and took out a mortgage for an apartment. He was released on Peter, but we paid for him together. For eight years we paid for it, for eight years we denied ourselves everything, even ate cheap products, not paying attention to our health. After eight years, we closed the mortgage, the apartment was ours. I thought that we would finally live and enjoy life. But it was not given to us. The husband had a sister. </p>
<p>She was married, but neither she nor her husband worked. They rented a small room. My sister-in-law's husband would sometimes be in cash and pay for the room, but they always had no money. They used to borrow money from us and never paid it back. When my mother-in-law found out that we had paid off the mortgage, she called my husband and started persuading us that we should help our sister-in-law, she was in a bad shape. – Son, come, you will rewrite my apartment and I will let you into my house. I don't need such a big apartment, and you will soon have children. The husband was pleased with such an offer and accepted it without hesitation. He rewrote my mother-in-law's apartment and my mother-in-law rewrote it to my sister-in-law. </p>
<p>As a result, the sister-in-law has an apartment, and we are on the street, because my mother-in-law does not accept us. My husband offended me so much that he did not ask for my advice. I was totally against it. We have been paying rent for so many years. After my sister-in-law kicked us out, I lived with my parents, I didn't forgive my husband. He came to me and asked for forgiveness. I loved him so much that I decided to give him a second chance. -Give me your word that you won't trust your mom. She manipulates you. Never mind, we'll get a new apartment, pay for it, and close the mortgage shortly if you stop helping your sister. </p>
<p> My husband agreed. We took out a mortgage and it was easy to pay it off. We worked two jobs, sometimes even three, without days off. And four years later, the apartment was ours. And then the mother-in-law appeared, began to ask her son for more nonsense. & ldquo; Sorry son, I had to do this. You know what a bad situation your sister has been in. Still not in good conditions. She recently had an accident, crashed her car and was in the hospital herself. And the car was borrowed. They are not living well, they cannot pay for the loan and car repair. </p>
<p> You sell the apartment, you give me money, you can move into my house. What do you think my husband did? Believe it again! Again! How can you be so naive? So many years have been wasted. I realized there was no point in continuing this relationship. I have applied for a divorce. </p></p>

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