Real life. When the woman suggested to her mother that she would leave her long-unseen grandchildren for a few days, the senior woman surprised her with her reaction. What was it

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Sometimes it happens that the declared feelings and requests lose their relevance in some circumstances …

 Real life. the woman suggested to her mother that she would leave her long-unseen grandchildren for a few days, the senior woman surprised her with her reaction.

– My parents complained that they miss their grandchildren! – the 32-year-old Lubina.

They live far away, in a town almost five hundred kilometers from our city. Before that, we often visited them, usually in the summer we visit them in the countryside. However, last summer I was disassembled, I gave birth in August, of course I didn't go anywhere. A year ago there was covid, we didn't dare to go either & hellip; So we haven't seen each other really long. Mom didn't see her youngest granddaughter until she was seven months old. We communicate via video link, of course, but it's not the same …

Mom didn't like the offer. Her reaction speaks for itself

Lubina and her husband have two children – a six-year-old son and a seven-month-old daughter. Once, she and her husband, and then a two-year-old daughter, came from their city to the capital to live and work. They settled down quite well, although my husband does not work: I like the failure to send the child to kindergarten. They do not have residence in the capital, they do not even have temporary registration – the owners of the apartments are in no hurry to register the child.

C & oacute; ż, at least we managed to rent a flat with children, which, as it turned out, also did not is easy.

“You live there like second-class people, on the rights of a bird!” Lubina's mother sighs heavily on the phone. – What brought you there? There is a good proverb: where you were born, you came in handy! You had an apartment here, though small, but your own, friends, relatives, some work …

– Mom, we also have a job here, much better paid …

-Yes, but what are the expenses in this capital city? It's amazing! Buy potatoes, green vegetables – pay the rent too. Everythink is expensive! You cannot buy your own apartment at such prices … And most importantly, we have not seen a grandson for years, this is not in any framework at all. You were moving out unnecessarily, I suppose. You have to come back!

Neither Luba nor her husband want to come back: they like Warsaw much more than living in their small town. There is space, movement, perspectives. That is why Luba tries to transfer the conversation with her mother to another topic: she tells something about children. It shares the skills of the younger ones, the successes of the older ones. However, it is difficult for a mother who sits in the countryside to translate & ndash; she is still sighing heavily, sobbing and almost crying: these are her grandchildren and we are here & hellip;

So she offered to drop off the children for their parents and go on a romantic trip for two, which they had been putting off for years. However, her mother's reaction shocked her strongly. As it turned out, if she was to look after her grandchildren for a few days, her longing would not be so tiring … .

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