Real pictures of Mars turned into a 4K documentary


    August 11, 2020, 15:39 | Science and technology

    Mankind is getting closer to the Red Planet every year.

    Real pictures of Mars turned into a documentary 4K- film

    Although NASA is constantly studying Mars and has already released some incredible images taken on its surface, there are not many videos about the Red Planet. And recently, the Elderfox Documentaries team edited some stunning images to create a 4K video about Mars. These shots give us a crystal-clear image of this mysterious planet, informs Ukr.Media.

    Having put together high-resolution photos taken by the Curiosity, Spirit and Opportunity rovers, the video authors have provided us with an excellent overview of several areas of Mars.< /p>

    On the Internet, you can often find surprised comments about why rovers exploring the surface of the Red Planet do not send video from it to Earth. The thing is that the speed at which they can send data back to our planet is extremely low, and this process does not make any sense. Photos are a completely different matter. Today, you can get them in excellent quality, and then compose from thousands of frames an almost flawless video that reflects everything that is happening.


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