Rebecca Brides will play Clarice Starling in the spin-off of “silence of the lambs”

Ребекка Бридс сыграет Клариссу Старлинг в спин-оффе "Молчания ягнят"

The main role in the CBS series “Clarissa” will be performed by Rebecca small breeds. The action of the series starts in 1993, a year after the events of “silence of the lambs”, and focus on the story of FBI agent Clarice Starling. It will continue its work to apprehend sexual predators and serial killers, while she will have to skillfully maneuver in the world of big politics, which so many in Washington, DC.

Birds will be the third actress who played Clarice Starling after jodie foster in “Silence of the lambs” and Julianne Moore in “Hannibal”. For this role foster won the “Oscar”. Rebecca Birds known for filming in his native Australia in the TV series “Home and way”, as well as participation in the TV series “pretty little liars” and “Ancient”.

She also starred in the movie “Newcastle” and “Three summers”.

The writers and Executive producers of the show are Alex Kurtzman(“Star trek: discovery”, “Xena — warrior Princess”) and Jenny Lumet (“the Mummy”, “Rachel getting married”). In their opinion, now is the time for a heroine: suffering, stand struggling with the demons of the past.

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