Record hours worked in the construction industry in Quebec


Record hours worked in the construction industry in Quebec

In 2021, the construction industry had over 19,000 employees and just over 26,500 employers.

The number of hours worked in the construction industry in Quebec increased by 21% compared to 2020 and reached a peak of 196.2 million declared hours. This increase is explained by the vitality of the industry in 2021, after the slowdown caused by the pandemic.

This is the largest volume of #x27;activity recorded, surpassing the 2019 peak of 177 million hours.

Over the past few weeks, the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ ) paid nearly 182,000 holiday vouchers to people working in the various construction sectors. That's more than $553 million distributed.

The total value of vacation checks given to workers increased by 10% compared to the amounts paid out last summer, which amounted to $503 million.

The administrative region that hired the most workers in the construction sector was Laval–Laurentides–Lanaudière. She gave out 48,450 vacation vouchers this year, worth more than $149 million. Montérégie is also a major employer. It distributed more than 39,200 checks for nearly $123 million.

It is the employers who pay the CCQ monthly allowances for sick leave, statutory holidays and the holidays provided for in the collective agreements. These amounts represent 13% of workers' weekly wages.

Workers in virtually all construction sectors are forced to take vacations in the summer . However, there are exceptions to this summer holiday, for example work planned in the civil engineering and roadwork sector. In addition, emergency, repair, maintenance, renovation or modification work may continue.

This year, the two-week holiday from construction begins on Sunday, July 24 and ends on Saturday, August 6.

About 80% of workers and employers find themselves on vacation during these two weeks.


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