Recruitment AIs are biased, you should beware

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A study from the prestigious University of Cambridge fires red balls on these technologies.

Recruitment AIs are biased, you should beware

According to a 2020 survey of 500 organizations from various industries in five countries, 24% of companies said they have adopted AI for recruitment purposes and 56% of HR managers plan to adopt one of these solutions in the future.

Beware of recruitment AIs if you wear glasses

This survey speaks volumes about the massive use of algorithms for hiring processes. It must be said that they have many advantages. In addition to simplifying the procedure for companies, they could, according to their designers, make it possible to better fight against human prejudices such as sexism or racism.

Except that it is not, and it may even be the opposite that is happening, according to a recent study carried out by researchers at the University of Cambridge. According to them, such claims are “technosolutionism”. Clearly, this amounts to affirming that technology will allow us to solve problems that require investments and a real global cultural change.

As part of their research, the scientists were able to identify in particular that the AIs used to restrict the number of applications helped to standardize rather than increase the diversity of the workforce.

Therefore, the algorithm will tend to favor the person who has the right degree without trying to go any further. And since RNs are configured based on past data, in most cases, successful candidates will look like current company personnel.

During the video interviews, the researchers spotted that the AI ​​programs favored candidates who sat in front of a bookcase or whose walls were adorned with artwork. On the contrary, he judged that people wearing glasses were less conscientious, without anyone really knowing why.

New measures taken by the American government

This does not is not the first time that recruitment AIs have been singled out. We spoke to you in particular last May about this initiative of the government of Joe Biden in the United States. The Department of Justice has published a document aimed at American employers who use algorithms to recruit.

They are ordered to take additional measures for the disabled to ensure that all candidates be treated in the same way. Therefore, and if these tools are still used, companies are asked to adjust the scores obtained by people with disabilities in order to eliminate the difference.

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