Red ribbon on Parliament draws attention to World AIDS Day

Red ribbon on Parliament draws attention to World AIDS Day

Red ribbon on Parliament draws attention to World AIDS Day

Sobotka: It is our joint responsibility to counter exclusion

Vienna (PK) – An oversized red ribbon, a worldwide symbol of solidarity with HIV-infected and AIDS-sick people, will be worn by Parliament in the Hofburg this week. “We are sending a clearly visible sign for tolerance and against exclusion,” said National Council President Wolfgang Sobotka.

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, Parliament will show solidarity with people with the HIV virus on December 1st – this year for the 11th time – with a large “red ribbon” on the facade. Around 38 million people worldwide live with the HI virus. In Austria at least one new HIV diagnosis is made every day. “Education and prevention must play an important role in society,” stressed Sobotka, President of the National Council. “Great successes in research, treatment and therapy have been achieved over the past decades, although there is still a long way to go. We have a shared responsibility, particularly with regard to low-threshold access to drugs and tests.” As a place of responsibility, the Austrian Parliament wants to make a contribution to the removal of taboos on this disease and, as it were, to warn that HIV / AIDS has still not been defeated.

World AIDS Day was first proclaimed in 1988 by the World Health Organization (WHO) and this day for awareness and solidarity with HIV-positive and AIDS-infected people is given a specific motto by UNAIDS every year. This year’s motto is: “Global solidarity, shared responsibility”.

NOTE: Photos of the Red Ribbon can be found on Parliament’s website.

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