Reform of the voting system: last week, the PLQ said no | Elections Quebec 2022

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Reform of the voting system: last week, the QLP said no | Elections Quebec 2022

On September 20, in a press scrum, Dominique Anglade said that she would be open to the idea of ​​discussing a reform of the voting system once the elections are over.

Since when has Dominique Anglade been open to discussing voting system reform, as she suggested on Tuesday? Not long ago, obviously. Radio-Canada obtained a letter written last week in which the PLQ wrote in black and white that it “is not in favor” of this idea.

This letter dated September 13 was sent to the New Democracy Movement (MDN), which has been campaigning for electoral reform in Quebec since 1999. The MDN wanted to know the official position of each party before the day of the vote, October 3.

The Liberal Party of Quebec is not in favor of the implementation of a mixed proportional voting system with regional compensation, indicate the troops of Dominique Anglade in their response.

“The Quebec Liberal Party is not proposing changes to our voting system. »

— Excerpt from the QLP letter dated September 13, 2022

However, on Tuesday, Dominique Anglade indicated during a press scrum that this is one of the things that should be looked at when she was questioned on the most recent Léger poll, which credited the PLQ with 16% of; voting intentions, neck and neck with Québec solidaire and the Conservative Party of Québec.

The vice-president of the New Democracy Movement, Françoise David, is struggling to see other reasons than opportunism behind the exit of the leader of the PLQ.

The Liberal Party of Quebec is in great difficulty. It's not me who says it: it's the polls and almost all the analysts, argues the former member of Quebec solidaire.

“All of a sudden, the PLQ […], a dozen days before the election, they say to us: "Ah well, maybe be!" I don't find it very serious. »

— Françoise David, vice-president of the New Democracy Movement

Françoise David, vice-president of the New Democracy Movement

Ms. David admits that she struggles to trust not the leader of the PLQ herself but rather her political party.< /p>

Perhaps the person called Dominique Anglade is starting to think deep down that it should be discussed, but I'm not sure that reflects the opinion of the majority of members and deputies of his party.

Québec solidaire and the Parti Québécois have both indicated to the DND that if they are brought to power, they intend to reform the voting system before the 2026 elections. The Conservative Party of Québec did not respond to the request from this organization.

Unsurprisingly, the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) took up the position that François Legault repeated at the start of the campaign, namely that it is not a priority for the population at the moment. He had also been accused of taking Quebecers for fools after suggesting that this issue only interests a few intellectuals.

As you know, a health crisis unprecedented […] has completely turned the lives of Quebecers upside down as well as government priorities, indicates the CAQ in its response sent to the MDN.

“We sincerely believe that it would not be responsible, in the current context, to rush Quebec into such a fundamental change in our democratic institutions.

— Excerpt from the letter from the CAQ dated September 12, 2022

Françoise David admits that she is speechless in front of this answer which, according to her, only does feed the cynicism of the population. The CAQ had nevertheless promised to reform the voting system and had even tabled a bill before abandoning it.

When we see these people make a 180 degree turn, how do you expect people to have confidence afterwards? How do you expect people not to be cynical? she asks.

Ms. David warns that DND will not be silent, even after October 3rd. This question is too important, according to her.

“It's not true that because you come first in a riding , we have 100% of the votes. In general, we do not even have 50% of the votes, we are elected anyway and all the others are not represented. It is not normal! »

— Françoise David, vice-president of the New Democracy Movement

The DND plans to hold a rally to keep the pressure on party leaders on Thursday, just before the debate that will take place at the new Maison de Radio-Canada.

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