Regina todorenko has pleased fans with soulful performance of the song (video)

The actress said, what music prefer

Регина Тодоренко порадовала фанатов душевным исполнением романса (видео)

Regina todorenko on his page in Instagram she shared vivid video, which pleases the fans emotional and sensual performance of the song. While Todorenko — shiny silver mini dress with asymmetric neckline top, off one shoulder.

Signature artist with humor explained why not write new songs.

“Everyone is asking “when, when she again sing?”, “when you release an album?”. You guys will hardly listen to such music. I love romances, Rose Rymbaeva and Mark Bernes, and you have the play lists quite some songs! Or am I mistaken? Write what are you listening?)” — said Regina.

Video: Regina todorenko sings the song (

In the comments fans admire the image and voice Todorenko and ask her to sing, because they are willing to listen to anything in her performance.

  • Oh, I love romances. Especially dig the Gypsy. Mmmm…
  • And what’s so beautiful?
  • I’m a music lover. Would love to hear your songs
  • And yet, here you are lady Gaga like
  • Cool!!!!
  • Really want to hear Your voice. It is beautiful! The romances, too bad.
  • Well, you can’t be beautiful.. I admire you!!!
  • Regina,I love you. sing-just sing
  • Right up to the ants, a very good voice
  • Voice cool. We will listen to all just would sing
  • The image of the bomb
  • Sometimes the soul, that’s what I want to hear
  • Your excellent performance is ready to listen to everything!
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