Regina todorenko impressed by the luxury Chain cleavage and long legs

Regina todorenko show hard fans that can be completely different. She seduces candid photo shoot in the body and the skin, allows himself to walk around with no makeup, comfortable clothes, fun short dress-youth sweatshirt style and enthusiasm energizes his army of many thousands of subscribers. In the fresh picture in Instagram presenter decided to show off long, slender legs and exposing deep cleavage.

Регина Тодоренко впечатлила Сеть роскошным декольте и длинными ножками

The star appeared before the subscribers in a leather mini skirt, black tank top with thin straps, shiny mesh tights and threw on the shoulders of the jacket in trendy stripes. Ears – big Hoop earrings, on the legs and black court shoes with heels, decorated brooch.

Slightly curly shiny hair she put in bouncy curls, make-up in natural tones with crisp creases and creamy lipstick in a natural shade.

In the comments to spectacular photos fans girls could not resist her appeal, and hastened to bestow a lot of compliments.

  • Regina, you’re hot
  • Wow
  • Hair, hairstyle for a million
  • Tights just Otpad
  • I Love Regina
  • Diva
  • You’re a doll! Nice to look at
  • Oh, and beauty
  • Beautiful
  • Cool!
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