Regina todorenko shocked at the unexpected confession about his former

The leader told about his school novels

Регина Тодоренко шокировала неожиданным признанием о своих бывших

Regina todorenko not so long ago open up about the relationship with her husband Vlad Topalov – she admitted that at first were fascinated by the singer, but after they began to live together, called it “an intolerable man”. However, then the artist was rehabilitated – he was a beautiful father and a good husband. Now the leader has decided on a new batch of revelations. In the program of the Russian blogger and singer IDA Galich “1-11”, which is published on her personal Youtube channel, Regina talked about their exes.

In the school years Todorenko was not deprived of the attention of the opposite sex, and with her youth novel involves a lot of funny stories. For example, the girl was almost expelled from school because of the relationship with the bully.

“Once they tried to expel me from school. At age 13 I met a guy who was a bully. He smashes the Windows in the school at night and I went with him as support. Then I was called to the Prosecutor, called the police, we called in for questioning. And I am sitting in a small cried: “I just met with Eugene! He took me with him.” with a smile she recalls.

The leader told about your first kiss. “The first time I kissed in sixth grade. The kiss was innocent, passionately. 8 I had a kid bully, and then in 8th grade there was another older guy, from the 11th,” said Todorenko.

Not all the novels Regina was cloudless over the school hunk she had to deal with competitors, then the future star dropped self-esteem.

“I fell in love with the guy from the third class, of Parallels. He Polushkin. But I fell in love with not only me, we were 12. He was the cutest: dimples, blue eyes, bangs. And we all wrote him letters – the same phones. He read to us and sometimes answered, and then met with us all in turn. Shit*K, I hate it! He ruined my life! Since then, I ceased to feel the most beautiful, the best” — with a laugh said Regina.

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