Regional candidates disappointed with the voting system | Elections Quebec 2022

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Candidates from the region disappointed with the voting system | &Elections Québec 2022

Voices are rising in Quebec to demand a reform of the voting system.

In Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec, the candidates of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) obtained a little more than half of the voters' votes, but the party holds 100% of the seats in the territory. This distortion is denounced by defeated candidates, but the day after the election, caquists in the region maintain that the reform of the voting system is not a priority.

Candidates would have liked that the CAQ government carried out the reform of the voting system it had promised, before dropping the project.

We ardently regret that there was no change in the voting method. It wouldn't have been the same election. This is not the one we should have if François Legault had kept his promises, deplores the candidate of Québec solidaire (QS) in Maskinongé, Simon Piotte.

Québec solidaire has obtained 15% of the vote provincially and won 11 constituencies, representing almost 9% of the seats in the National Assembly.

The Conservative candidate in Laviolette–Saint-Maurice also noticed a distortion. Pierre-David Tremblay notes that his party received almost as many votes as the Liberals, who form the official opposition, but unlike this party, the Conservatives will have no representatives on Parliament Hill.

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The PQ candidate in Laviolette-Saint-Maurice, Pascal Bastarache, believes that a change is inevitable. If the election served any purpose this year, it was to highlight the problems that we can currently experience with our voting system, and I believe that the debate on the reform of the voting system has been revived. It's just getting started for the next few years, he said in an interview on the show Toujours le matin.

Tuesday, the Liberal candidate in Trois-Rivières, Adams Tekougoum, was not as sharp as his adversaries on the need for a reform of the voting system. It will depend on the will of citizens, voters, Quebecers, he said.

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Caquist deputies from the Mauricie region believe that the issue of the voting system is not the most important subject for the majority of voters at the moment.

I think we were very clear as a party. Now was not the time. Quebecers had other priorities, said Caquiste candidate in Maskinongé, Simon Allaire.

“If it had been an issue, I think that Quebecers would have told us by their vote yesterday and that was not the case. »

— Simon Allaire, candidate elected in Maskinongé

The CAQ candidate in Champlain, Sonia LeBel, had the responsibility, under the government of François Legault, to look into the file of the reform of the ballot.

Along the way, the Minister responsible for Government Administration declared that she would run out of time to study and pass her voluminous Bill 39.

The file is not likely to come back. I think that in the short term, we must tackle the challenges that are very present for Quebecers: the cost of living, health, education, the environment, believes Sonia LeBel.

However, she claims to have received a strong signal from voters on this subject on Monday evening.

From left to right: Jean Boulet, Sonia LeBel and Simon Allaire celebrated their victory Monday evening, in Trois-Rivières.

Beyond the final result, when we look at the distribution votes, percentages, they expect there to be more voices represented, at the very least that we collaborate more on the issues and that we work together; and that, for me, will be the first challenge, the first example to give, the first thing to do.

Sonia LeBel believes that the parties must work together on issues, such as this was the case with sex crimes and medical assistance in dying.

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