Relatives of missing or killed Indigenous women in Manitoba hope for answers | Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

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Relatives of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Manitoba hope for answers | Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

Charlene William says that since May 2021, she has not heard from the inquest into her daughter's death.

Tuesday, as Manitoba highlights the Day of Action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, families impacted by these murders and disappearances want more action to prevent these tragedies from being repeated.

Jana William's body was found over a year ago in Winnipeg. Winnipeg police concluded it was a murder shortly thereafter.

His mother, Charlene William, says that; she hasn't heard from the case since May 2021.

“I'm angry. It's like they don't care what happens to [Aboriginal people], our women and our children. They do nothing.

—Charlene William, mother of Jana William

Charlene William hopes someone will provide her with information about her daughter's murder. Somebody has to show up. Someone must know something, she said.

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Charlene William says she turned to alcohol in her bereavement, but now that she's out of it, she wants to quit. #x27;express. Drinking to numb the pain was really horrible, she said.

Jana was like my shadow, always near me […] She was generous, she would have given you her last penny, she says.

Charlene William (left) and her daughter Jana William (right).

Last Thursday, Charlene William walked the 140 km from Eriksdale to Winnipeg to bring attention to the death of her daughter and violence against Indigenous women. I want justice, I want to find the person who killed her, she explains.

The Winnipeg Police Service told CBC/Radio-Canada that families with inquiries or concerns should direct them to the Homicide Unit.

Donna Bartlett is also hoping to hear from her granddaughter, Marcedes Myran, who has been missing since March. She was last seen in Winnipeg's North End neighborhood. She lived on the streets before she was reported missing.

[I imagine] people dragging her into a human trafficking ring whether she gets hurt or killed. I'm worried because I haven't heard from […] It's terrifying, I just want to find her safe and sound, says Donna Bartlett.

Donna Bartlett's granddaughter, Marcedes Myran, was last seen in March 2022 in Winnipeg.

Donna Bartlett adds that Marcedes Myran's mother was too scared to report the disappearance to the police, but that she did it last week. I believe she is afraid that the police will tell her that her daughter is dead […] and she does not want to hear that, she says.

Relatives by Marcedes Myran have plastered the city with posters in the hope that someone will contact them.

I think of her constantly. Wherever I go, I keep my eyes peeled. I want to find her, says Donna Bartlett.

Marcedes Myran is 26 years old, brown eyes and hair, 1.60 meters (5 feet 4 inches) tall and weighs about 55 pounds . Her grandmother is asking anyone with information about her to contact the Winnipeg police.

With information from Peggy Lam

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