Remarks by the Conservative candidate for Abitibi-Est sow controversy


Remarks by the Conservative candidate from Abitibi-Est sow controversy

Maxym Perron-Tellier, candidate for the Conservative Party of Quebec in Abitibi-Est for the provincial elections of October 3.

Comparing compulsory vaccination to rape and talking about taking up arms to overthrow the government: “A lot of humor”, according to Maxym Perron-Tellier, candidate for the Conservative Party of Quebec in Abitibi-Est in the provincial elections on October 3.

Many Internet users questioned the new candidate on Twitter and Facebook on Sunday, while certain old publications by Mr. Perron-Tellier resurfaced.

One of the targeted Facebook discussions is from December 31, 2021. For next year, don't come and talk to me about defenses for people who experience rape, if you're in favor of forcing a chemical substance into someone's a. This is literally the definition of rape, he says. Finally, the left was right. There is indeed a culture of rape in Quebec.

In response to the publication of a screenshot of the publication in question on Twitter on Sunday, the candidate adds: Take it to the dictionary then and change the description of the word. I will always stand up for those who have been abused, no matter the type of abuse. It's sad to see people denigrate the notion of consent like this, he says. So I probably have a lower tolerance for rape than you, adds Mr. Perron-Tellier.

One ​​of Maxym Perron-Tellier's statements on Facebook.

Also on the evening of December 31, 2021, Maxym Perron-Tellier criticizes in a new Facebook post the alert sent by the Quebec government to remind people of the imposition of the curfew.

“Is it serious to make an emergency alert on all devices for their curfew?” We're starting 2022 like a beautiful banana republic… It's for emergencies for lives at stake, preventing people from going out is going to put more lives at stake with depression and suicide,” he argues.

< p class="e-p"> In comment, the candidate replies to a friend that if this continues, the government will launch vaccine bombs on the population.

Later, Mr. Perron-Tellier adds: If it is an idea that allows the population to take up arms against the government in a legal way as far as the right internationally, I don't see any problems there. We can defend ourselves and bring them down there.

Another statement from the Conservative candidate on social media.

Asked by The Press, the Val-d'Or IT consultant mentioned using humour, exaggeration and satire to spark debate. He admits having been clumsy and that his remarks should have been made in private.

Mr. Perron-Tellier has also been criticized for his criticisms of the Ukrainian government since the start of the Russian invasion last February. In particular, he accuses kyiv of creating a scheme seeking to blame Russia for the elimination of civilians, while [the Ukrainian government] forced civilians to fight.

After having defended its positions for several hours on Sunday, the politician finally decided to delete his Twitter account, in addition to erasing all his Facebook posts.

The Conservative candidate in the riding of Rouyn-Noranda – Témiscamingue, Robert Daigle, dissociates himself from the remarks of Mr. Perron-Tellier, but affirms that it is about a false debate and is delighted that the party disturbs the Quebec political scene.

Maxym Perron-Tellier and the Conservative Party of Quebec declined to comment.


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