Renovations: “alarming situation”, report tenant associations

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Rénovictions&nbsp ;: “”alarming situation”, report tenant associations

The Regrouping of Housing Committees and Tenant Associations of Quebec calls for a moratorium on housing repossessions and on evictions of tenants according to the vacancy rate.

Tenant associations report that the phenomenon of “renovictions” has spread outside major centers in Quebec and are therefore asking that the Tribunal administratif du logement monitor housing repossessions and evictions of tenants for major work.

This “compulsory control” would be carried out by the Administrative Housing Tribunal, which should also ensure that files are followed up to ensure that the projects are actually carried out, pleads the Regrouping of housing committees and tenant associations of Quebec (RCLALQ).

During a press conference on Tuesday, the RCLALQ claimed that housing committees alone recorded 1,525 cases of eviction in 2022, a sharp increase from 874 cases in 2021.

Saying that it has also seen an increase in the number of housing repossession cases that end up before the Administrative Housing Tribunal and in the number of cases that the media have talked about, the Regroupement evokes an “alarming situation” .

“The numbers are historically the highest we have seen in Quebec. There have never been so many covers. »

— Martin Blanchard, spokesperson for the RCLALQ

The RCLALQ also calls for a moratorium to be instituted on repossessions of housing and on the evictions of tenants in office of the vacancy rate. When the vacancy rate is low, these procedures should not be allowed, he argues.

The main problem we see is that evictions will target tenants who are low income and who pay below average rent. Why? Because these are speculative transactions. The main purpose of these housing repossessions and tenant evictions is to do what are called flipsproperties, thus buying low and re-letting or reselling much higher to make big profits, Blanchard said.

L&#x27 ;Quebec Landlords Association criticizes the Regroupement for using a small number of cases and generalizing to all homeowners.

The RCLALQ uses a small number of tenants who have come to ask for information in order to generalize a situation that only rarely exists in Quebec, because the majority of housing owners are honest small owners who take their role of providing a roof over 1,300,000 tenants, she argued.

It is normal for a rental property owner to want to take advantage of the property that ;he acquired, argues the Landlords Association.

“Each year, tenant associations speak of housing repossessions as a reprehensible act, as if it were shameful to want to use one's property to live there. »

— Quebec Landlords Association

The Association argues that tenants have too high protections, particularly in relation to requests for repossessions of housing: the law encroaches on the ownership of the building.

The Regroupement des Comités Logement also wishes to meet the new Minister responsible for Housing, France-Élaine Duranceau, to discuss this folder.

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