Residents of Mariupol surprised protein is an unusual color (photo, video)

Жителей Мариуполя удивила белка необычного цвета (фото, видео)

Photos and videos of squirrels with white fur laid out on the page in Facebook a resident of Mariupol, Donetsk region Alexander Fedorov. A squirrel on the way from school took pictures and videotaped his son. The author of the post writes that never in my life seen white squirrels. .

Head of Department of nature, city Museum of local lore Olga Shakula confirmed “FACTS” that the white squirrel, and other animals albino phenomenon in nature is quite rare. According to her, the usual squirrels in Mariupol meet not too often, because the food supply for them in the small town.

I saw this post in Facebook. I agree with one of commentators, that this animal is most likely not wild. He grew up in the forest and in captivity. And if you can’t save him, then winter in the city’s squirrel may not survive, — said Olga Shakula. — Proteins in Mariupol found only in the city Park. In the wild, on the outskirts of town, we have a lot of pheasants, foxes, wolves. These animals bred during the war, as due to the proximity of the fighting, hunting been forbidden for many years. The food they find including and not yet cleared fields that haven’t been sown. Also increased the population of the wild birds on the Azov coast about 100 species. I note that the bird colonies moved to the controlled territory, with the Curve of the spit — in bilosarais’ka. Here military operations are not conducted, and the rest of the birds react.


Recall that in Mariupol there is even a monument escaped pet tent, which for six months has lived independently in the wild. Question of catching the elusive Godica voiced then even from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

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