Response to sanctions: Russia will continue minimum gas supplies to the EU, – media


Response to sanctions: Russia will continue minimal gas supplies to the EU, — media

European officials believe that if the volume of Russian gas supplies does not increase by winter, the EU countries will face an acute shortage fuel.

Russia will continue to supply minimal volumes of gas to Europe as long as the EU countries maintain tough anti-Russian sanctions due to the war in Ukraine. This assumption, based on its own sources, was published by Bloomberg.

The publication writes that if the Kremlin does not increase the volume of gas supplied to Europe before winter, then the EU countries, which constitute the largest export market for Russia, will face an acute shortage of fuel..


At the same time, Kremlin officials often talk about the technical problems of the gas pipeline, in particular problems with the Nord Stream 1 turbine, thus justifying cuts in gas supplies. But what observers believe is that the Kremlin is actually using disruptions in its main gas pipeline to Europe to fuel political turmoil in an attempt to force European leaders to reconsider their painful sanctions.

Some European officials are warning of severe economic shocks to the continent if flows do not resume and are urging consumers to cut back on vital fuels. In their opinion, Gazprom will continue to look for reasons to limit supplies, preventing EU countries from replenishing gas storage reserves.

Answer to sanctions: Russia will continue minimal gas supplies to the EU, media

Sources of the publication also said that the gas dispute for the Kremlin is the latest increase in rates in the current crisis. Since the desire to achieve its geopolitical goals in Ukraine, the Kremlin is ready to give up tens of billions of dollars of export earnings. In this regard, Gazprom analyzed the possible consequences of cutting off supplies next year and found ways to reduce the financial damage due to rising gas prices.

Observers note that the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin are surprising due to the fact that he has not taken steps to stop gas supplies before, given the imposition of large-scale sanctions by Europe against Russia and the supply of weapons to Ukraine.


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