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Retirement age could change again: here's who would leave earlier and later

New changes to retirement could come in the weeks à come.

Are we heading towards a new upheaval of the starting rules? retirement ? The hypothesis is more and more possible. One year after the entry into force of the highly contested reform which pushed back the legal age of departure 64 years ago, new voices have arisen to reform the system that allows French people to stop being arrested. ecirc;t work while continuing to work. receive a pension.

The organization of legislative elections – with the very probable establishment of a new government – has led to n&eac; various proposals from the parties. 60, 62, 64 or even 66 years, discount, full rate… hellip; Between everything, it's difficult to find your way around. Three projects are opposed: that of the National Rally, that of the New Popular Front and that of Ensemble pour la République, the coalition of parties around Emmanuel Macron .

Retirement age could change again: here's who would leave earlier and later

The party led by by Jordan Bardella has clarified his position on the subject. The objective is clear: to set up a progressive retirement system. The earlier a French person starts in the world of work, the sooner he or she will be able to leave. And vice versa! The reform promised by the RN is based on two pillars: 40 years of contribution for people who have started à work before the age of 20 and minimum departure at 60 years, 42 years of contribution for those who have started after 20 years.

Concretely, a person entering the market of work à 16, 17, 18 or 19 years old will be able to leave at retirement, à full rate, à 60 years old if she has validated his 40th birthday. For entry into the market of work later, it will be necessary to have accumulated é 42 nights to go abroad full rate, therefore &agrav; 62 years old if we start at work à 20 years old, 64 years old for a start at 22 years old, 66 years old for a start at 24 years etc…

Without automatic retirement and à full rate à from a certain age? The vagueness remains and that is the difference with the rules currently in force. Today, retirement & full rate is automatically received çagrave; 67 years, regardless of the number of years accumulated. Furthermore, the RN did not express itself on this issue. on starting age retirement with a discount.

On the side of the New Popular Front, retirement will also be gradual, but it will be necessary to work less: it will be possible to leave & retirement à 62 years old, initially, then   60 years old, secondly, regardless of the age at which the person started working. However, the left warns that it will be necessary to have accumulated experience. 40 annuity to receive retirement pension full rate. Otherwise, a discount will apply to the pension.

Thus, a person who has started à work à 16, 17, 18, 19 or 20 years old will also be able to legally leave. retirement à 60 years old, or earlier as part of the long careers system, and achieve full equality. of her pension if she has accumulated her 40 annuity. If she does not have them, her pension will be reduced. For a start & 22 years old, the rules will be the same at age 22. from age 62, then & 64 years old for a start at 24 years etc… Or two years less than the RN proposal. But there again, the automatic age of receipt of a pension at full rate has not been implemented indicated.

For its part, Ensemble pour la République does not foresee any changes. The current Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, confirmed that there would be no new pension reform and that the current rules would remain in force if it continues to reform. govern the country.

In the lead in the polls on voting intentions in the legislative elections, the RN and the NFP have promised that #39 ;they would implement their pension reform at a later date. fall for the far right and from this summer onwards for the left. For this you still need to have a majorityé à the National Assembly.

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