Retirement age is back. Experts have no doubts, the government can recommend it

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Was lowering the retirement age a mistake?

The topic of retirement age is back. Experts have no doubt, the government can recommend it

As the “Money” portal reminds, one of the biggest problems facing our economy is demographics. Fewer and fewer of us are born, but the number of people retiring is increasing. The problem is getting worse every year. Unfortunately, the situation was not improved by the decision to lower the retirement age again. This is clearly indicated by one of the indicators.

The topic of lowering the retirement age is back

Although the election campaign has not been officially announced, it is unofficially in full swing. Unexpectedly, one of the topics that has recently appeared in the political discourse is the retirement age. In one of his speeches, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki accused Donald Tusk of first raising the retirement age and now arguing that he will not raise it.

There is no doubt that the current government will focus on the emotions that retirement age arouses. According to some commentators, this may turn out to be a shot in the knee for the United Right, because the negative effects of PiS's decision to lower the retirement age are increasingly visible.

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Because although the decision to lower the retirement age has a lot of social support, unfortunately, economically and economically, it had no justification. The decreasing number of working people and the growing number of pensioners will be a huge burden for both the pension system and the health service. This will have an increasingly strong impact on the household budgets of Poles.

One of the indicators that the government does not provide on the occasion of the retirement age is the unit labor cost. In simple terms, this indicator shows how much a given entrepreneur costs to produce a given good. Obviously, the higher these costs are, the bigger the problem for the entrepreneur.

Usually, when costs increase, entrepreneurs pass them on to customers. This is an increasingly common solution, although it happens that they invest in improving the production process, for example by purchasing new machines. Enterprises face rising labor costs, rising prices of raw materials, materials and energy.

The problem is that unit labor costs are rising faster than labor productivity. Unfortunately, this reflects negatively on prices, which are still soaring. Many industries lack specialists, which intensifies the increase in wages. Unfortunately, lowering the retirement age has deprived us of many experts.

The subject of the retirement age is back. Experts have no doubts that the government can recommend it

“PiS has made a contribution by lowering the age to the structural problems of our economy. Along with other decisions, this may now backfire on us, moving away from the long-awaited end of the inflationary anguish,” we read in the “Money” portal.

You think the retirement age issue should be the main topic of the upcoming election campaign?

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