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The return of vaccination against Covid-19: children, adults, sick people... Who is affected?

The vaccination campaign against Covid-19 opens this Monday, October 2, ahead of schedule, while an epidemic rebound is observed. Who should get vaccinated? And with how many doses?

It begins two weeks in advance: the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 initially scheduled for October 17 opens this Monday, October 2. A decision taken by the Minister of Health on the recommendations of the Committee monitoring and anticipation of health risks (Covars). "The Covid-19 epidemic started again a little earlier than expected. The first cases were observed during the summer and increased gradually in September. […] This means that [the virus] is still circulating. There was therefore no reason to wait any longer to start working. “vaccinate”, underlined the president of Covars, Brigitte Autran at the microphone of Franceinfo on October 2. And the immunology specialist recalls the "unpredictable" and always "dangerous" of Covid-19.

Figures from the virus surveillance system confirm the epidemic rebound. "The visits [to the emergency room] for suspected Covid-19 [were]  rising again" warned Santé Public France (SPF) in its bulletin of September 12. A shared observation by SOS Médecins who noted a 19% increase in medical procedures for suspected Covid-19 on September 25. However, with a reduction in protection and active circulation of the virus "an upsurge in severe forms, particularly among vulnerable people" is possible depending on SPF.  And the vaccination campaign must prevent this risk.

Over 65s and vulnerable people targeted

The objective of the vaccination campaign is to "allow the most vulnerable people to benefit from a booster dose" Covars has been rapidly insisting since mid-September. These are therefore logically the people at risk. risk who are the first concerned by the campaign: people aged at least 65, those with comorbidities, pregnant women, immunocompromised people and Ehpad residents.

"Vaccination is also recommended at all times. those having regular contact” with these vulnerable people specifies the public service website. But the vaccination campaign is not exclusive and “people who are not part of the targeted populations […] will also be able to receive, if they wish, a booster dose free of charge.” p>

Only one dose of vaccine required

After vaccination in two and then three doses against Covid-19, the vaccination schedule is significantly simplified. for this campaign. "Whatever the past is; vaccination of the patient, vaccination now consists of a single dose of vaccine" for people over 5 years old, specifies the Health Insurance website. For children under 5 years old already first-time vaccinated or having been vaccinated infected "a single dose will be enough", but for others the vaccination schedule is consistent. three doses are necessary.

The use of "vaccines adapted to the XBB.1.5 variant" – the majority circulating variant in the territory – is preferred and planned for the vaccination campaign. The vaccine Messenger RNA from Pfizer/BioNTech is "available" and"has been tested. designed to target the XBB.1.5 sublineage of the Omicron variant" said Health Insurance. Other vaccines such as VidPrevtyn Beta from Sanofi or Nuvaxovid from Novavax can be used. Please note that the latter will not be adapted to your needs. à XBB.1.5 only in November.

A simultaneous flu vaccination?

Starting two weeks ahead of schedule, the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 will be organized in a delayed manner. of that against seasonal flu. But From October 17, the two vaccines can be injected at the same time but at “two different injection sites”, i.e. one in each arm for example.

The Covid-19 vaccine is covered 100% by Health Insurance, like that against the flu, and can be administered on a daily basis. in a pharmacy, at the doctor's office, by a nurse, a midwife or even a dental surgeon. In healthcare establishments such as nursing homes, vaccination can be organized on site.

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