Revealed new details of the first Xiaomi car (photo)


New details of first car revealed Xiaomi (photo)

The production of Xiaomi cars will start in 2024 at a new facility in the suburbs of Beijing. In 10 years, they plan to develop four electric models.

The first Xiaomi car will debut this year. The prototype of the model should be shown in August at a large-scale event, and then its large-scale tests will start. The Chinese site Sina Tech writes about this.

New details of the first Xiaomi car revealed (photo)

The first details of the new model have also appeared. It will be an electric sedan costing between 150,000 and 300,000 yuan ($25,000-$40,000). According to preliminary data, its cruising range is 800 km. Xiaomi's electric car is also planned to be equipped with an innovative Level 3 autopilot that allows the driver to keep their hands off the wheel.

New details of Xiaomi's first car revealed (photo)

Car production will start in 2024. Now a modern enterprise is being built in the suburbs of Beijing, Yizhuang, capable of producing 300,000 cars annually.


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