Revenge for the coronavirus: the Peruvians began to exterminate bats

Месть за коронавирус: перуанцы начали истреблять летучих мышей

In a Latin American country Peru, the locals began a real hunt for bats, which, in their opinion, to spread a dangerous coronavirus. Despite the arguments of the authorities that the genome of SARS-CoV-2 for the pandemic COVID-19, — “natural”, they blame it bats.

Anatomised National Geographic.

Employees of the National service of wild forests and fauna (SERFOR) managed to save about 200 bats, which the peasants in the Northern region of Cajamarca caught and intended to burn. The animals were seized and released in the cave far away from the settlement.

In SERFOR trying to explain to the peasants that bats can be useful to humans, since 70% of species feed on insects, including harmful for agriculture and also distributors of dengue virus and other diseases.

“We must not distort the situation because of the pandemic. Bats are not our enemies”, — is spoken in the statement of SERFOR.

In the organization advised me not to eat meat, bats, and other wild animals.

The newspaper reminds that in the scientific community it is generally recognized the fact that SARS-CoV-2 was transmitted to humans from bats, but through an intermediate host. Those could be, according to different versions, the snake or pangolin.

In Peru, on March 26, it was revealed 480 cases of infection COVID-19, killed 9 people.

This virus is transferred by rodents, it remains in their urine and is transmitted through the air. According to the Centre for infectious disease control of the United States, the risk of infection is extremely high, even for a completely healthy person. Symptoms of Hantavirus are similar to the symptoms of many respiratory diseases is headache, weakness, cough, digestive problems, vomiting.

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