Revocation of another union certification after 6 months of strike at the SQDC

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Revocation of another union accreditation after 6 months of strike at the SQDC

Staff at 22 SQDC branches are on strike.

While the strike at the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) has now lasted for more than six months, the workers of another branch have just revoked their union certification.

This are those of the Saint-Nicolas branch who have just had their union accreditation revoked, after those of Alma, a few days ago, the management of the SQDC announced on Friday.

At the beginning of the year, several months before the start of the strike, the employees of the Granby branch had done the same. An indefinite strike was called on May 28 in some twenty branches where the employees are members of a local section of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), affiliated with the FTQ.

Asked about the disaffections, the president of the local union, David Clement, said he accepted the democratic choice to unionize or de-union expressed by the workers.

He said he believed that the arrogant and anti-union attitude and the lack of respect from the employer could explain this disaffection, much more than the duration of the labor dispute.

Mr. Clément noted that while some have revoked their union certification, there are many non-union members who take a keen interest in our negotiations.

For its part, the management of the SQDC said it fully recognizes that the choice to join a union or not is a fundamental right and a prerogative of employees.

She said that of her 91 branches, 48 ​​do not have a union. And 26 have a CUPE union.

The management of the SQDC also pointed out that it had succeeded in concluding an agreement for the renewal of the collective agreement with the unions of the Federation of public service employees, affiliated with the CSN.

Moreover, all of the Corporation's advisers, with the exception of those who work in branches represented by the CUPE, benefits from an hourly rate of $19.01 upon entry, since July 3, 2022, management said.

Compensation is also the main point in dispute with CUPE, since the normative clauses were settled a few months ago.

CUPE estimates that at a salary of $17.12 an hour at hiring, in his case, the salary of the workers is more akin to that of the retail trade than that of a crown corporation.

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