RF NOT forever. How the Kremlin will explain the surrender of Kherson

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RF is NOT forever. How the Kremlin will explain the surrender of Kherson

By early November The Kremlin instructed propagandists to prepare “public opinion” for the retreat from Kherson.

Kherson is the only regional center of Ukraine that the Russians managed to capture during a full-scale invasion. The Kremlin announced the annexation of Kherson, and now they are leaving the city, and how will they explain it?

They promised that forever

Russian officials and Kremlin-appointed authorities in the Kherson region have repeatedly promised that Ukraine will allegedly not return the city. In particular, the secretary of the General Council of the United Russia party Andrey Turchak arrived in Kherson in May and said: “I wanted to once again, addressing the residents of the Kherson region, say that Russia is here forever. There should be no doubt about this.” Turchak reacted to the retreat from Kherson with a quote from War and Peace – “It is not difficult to take a fortress, it is difficult to win a campaign.”

In early October, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the annexation of the Kherson region and all other occupied Ukrainian territories. But less than two weeks later, the commander of Russian troops in Ukraine, General Surovikin, said that the situation in the Kherson direction was not easy and that the same difficult decisions were possible.

According to Meduza sources, by the beginning of November, the Kremlin instructed to prepare “public opinion” for the retreat from Kherson. The Kremlin wrote manuals for propagandists, which stated that the Kherson direction “is the most difficult at the current stage” and that “Russian troops are striving to save the lives of civilians and personnel.” These are the same troops that are now simply letting thousands of mobilized people go to slaughter.

According to Meduza, the Kremlin is now confident that Russians who support the war will “very negatively” perceive the withdrawal of the Russian army from Kherson. At the same time, the authorities hope that the topic of saving the lives of the military, which is relied upon in propaganda, will be close to most Russians due to mobilization.