Ricky Martin was cleared of incest and harassment charges. The singer's nephew withdrew his lawsuit


    Ricky Martin was cleared of charges of incest and harassment. The singer's nephew withdrew his lawsuit

    Ricky Martin

    21- Ricky Martin's year-old nephew Dennis Sanchez withdrew the lawsuit against the 50-year-old singer. Previously, the young man accused his uncle of allegedly stalking him after the breakup of a love relationship between them. Dennis managed to get a warrant forbidding Martin to contact him.

    The star's lawyers denied all charges, citing Sanchez's mental illness. A Puerto Rican court today closed the case against the singer.

    Ricky's lawyers released a press statement stating:

    As we expected, the temporary protection order was not renewed by the court. The prosecutor confirmed to the court that the decision to dismiss the case was made by him independently, without any external influence or pressure. He sent the court a request to close the case. He's just a problematic person making false claims without any proof. We are happy that justice has been served and our client is able to move on with his life and career.

    The scandal involving Martin's nephew became a hot topic last week. The media reported that if the singer's guilt is proven, he faces up to 50 years in prison.

    This is not the only court case against Ricky: in early July, it became known that his former manager Rebecca Drucker accused the singer of non-payment of money for her work.


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