Ricky Martin wins court case against nephew


    Riki Martin wins trial against nephew

    21-year-old Dennis Sanchez dropped his lawsuit against the singer.

    50-year-old pop singer Ricky Martin is innocent. The singer was cleared of incest and domestic violence charges after his nephew, 21-year-old Dennis Sanchez, dropped the lawsuit. This is reported by People.

    The star's lawyers denied all charges from the very beginning. They claimed that Dennis Sanchez suffered from a mental illness and needed professional help from a specialist. The other day, Ricky Martin testified in court, after which his nephew decided to withdraw the lawsuit. According to Dennis himself, no one pressured him. He made this decision on his own.

    “As we expected, the temporary protection order was not extended by the court. The prosecutor confirmed to the court that the decision to dismiss the case was made by him alone, without any external influence or pressure, and the prosecutor confirmed that he is satisfied with his legal representation in this matter,” the celebrity's lawyers said.

    They also added that Dennis's allegations were unsubstantiated slander from the very beginning.

    “This has never been more than the words of a worried person making false accusations, absolutely unsupported. We are glad that our client has achieved justice and can now move forward in his life and his career,” Ricky Martin's lawyers said. .


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